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Benefits of IQ Retail WooCommerce Integration

Benefits of IQ Retail WooCommerce Integration

Integrating your IQ Retail with WooCommerce comes with its own benefits that are mentioned below:

Functionality Enhancement

Integrating IQ Retail software application with WooCommerce shops offers the double advantage of having real-time store data in IQ Retail and back-end information in WooCommerce. This suggests that clients can see as well as access the information about offered supply, the most up to date order condition, as well as additionally track deliveries utilizing the lot/serial or other tracking numbers. With respect to the back-end synchronization, your procedures, sales, money, HUMAN RESOURCES, and also various other groups will certainly have instantaneous accessibility to consumer & order information that develops in WooCommerce. This helps in decreasing the price of operations and enhancing your overall customer experience.

Inventory Cost Reduction

All info about sales in the WooCommerce shop appears in your IQ Retail system. Based upon these transactions, thing inventory in IQ Retail will also be updated. With up-to-date information about inventory and also online sales, back-end teams can properly accomplish orders, lowering inventory prices. With assimilation, you can not just track supply in real-time but also forecast just how much stock you require in the future.

Financial Report Generation

Financial reports on sales are generated by WooCommerce applications. An IQ Retail software application offers a Balance Sheet, P/L Declaration, Trial Equilibrium, Cash Flow, and extra. By integrating WooCommerce & IQ Retail, an end-user relocates one action in advance, and the IQ Retail system will certainly ensure openness of on-line settlements and monetary information throughout the company.

Accelerated Productivity

The integrated IQ Retail software application enhances multiple company procedures as well as lessens the worry on personnels in manually moving information across applications. The employees are no longer required to manually input data from one platform to an additional (e.g. delivery information, stock degrees, product information). Instead, interaction as well as information transfer happen immediately, conserving your money and time. It likewise encourages staff members to be effective, eventually contributing to the development of the company. Furthermore, all the on the internet sales orders will certainly be integrated into the IQ Retail system without any problems. Likewise, you can instantaneously track orders as well as start refining without delay, which will certainly minimize the period of the order satisfaction cycle.

Data Consistency

With IQ Retail WooCommerce integration, all information such as customer information, orders, settlements & shipping details will be transferred and also integrated with IQ Retail. Furthermore, item supply details can be submitted from the IQ Retail to the WooCommerce platform, removing the need to re-enter the information. Thus, the assimilation reduces human involvement, information redundancy, and mistakes that can occur as a result of manual data transfer.

Look Into These Aspects While Integrating IQ Retail With WooCommerce


Many companies choose a cloud iPaaS remedy for incorporating numerous applications since it is all-inclusive in regards to incorporating every one of them. The applications transfer data and also keep in synchronization with the iPaaS middleware that lives in the cloud. This questions decision-makers to choose the option, as the majority of them feel data safety and security is at risk. This is not in fact true, given that most iPaaS applications today incorporate major conformities that demand the safe and secure transfer of information.


Not every little thing in this world is perfect, and that holds true for integration systems also. Fell short purchases are likewise a possibility, though the likelihood of their event figures out the accuracy of the integration platform. In a situation where an order that can be found in WooCommerce failed to integrate with ERP, the backend teams won’t recognize that the order needs to be satisfied. So, the middleware should be able to vehicle repair the fallen short synchronization or there must a 24 * 7 assistance group that can ensure appropriate performance.

Integration Solutions

Making use of cron work, creating code, or the worst, by hand transferring data across applications directly/indirectly effects exactly how fast and exactly how well a firm interacts with its customers. Company applications like IQ Retail, WooCommerce, CRM, and so on can be intricate in nature and also therefore a hybrid integration option is required to cater to the exact same. Inappropriate time & investment in executing your integration results in the venture falling back in response time, danger solution level violations, and customer support scores. As you are currently knowledgeable about the intricate aspects that enter into the ERP eCommerce integration as well as likewise got hold of the feasible challenges that you require to take on, you remain in to ponder upon both most essential questions.

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