Benefits of Sage eCommerce Integration -

Benefits of Sage eCommerce Integration

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A sudden boost in sales on your Ecommerce site can undoubtedly only be an advantage.

More sales mean more revenue; more profit indicates more growth however, this can create concerns for your organization.

Let’s go over the sales process from order to fulfilment. An order can be found in from your Ecommerce website; yourself or a member of personnel open the order, by hand upgrade or copy and paste the information into a sales order in your ERP system, which is sent out over to fulfilment to be selected, packaged and shipped. You also need to watch on your stock levels, keeping in mind to raise a purchase order if you discover products running low.

This can be a tiresome process when handling a small number of orders; however what occurs when sales start to get? You haven’t had time to process the backlog of orders and update stock meaning you oversell products, having to get in touch with customers separately to describe you are not able to satisfy their orders. Offers Support For Sage 200 Evoltion, Sage Buisness Cloud and Sage 50C Partner And More.

This results in refunds, grievances and a broken reputation, leading customers to go elsewhere.

By incorporating your Ecommerce platform with your ERP, stock management and fulfilment systems you can guarantee precision, cut costs and automate this whole process.

Our service lets you to produce connections between disparate systems, allowing info to stream freely in between them.

Photo this; an order is available in from your Ecommerce website, the client and sales order are immediately produced in your ERP system, the order is then sent out to fulfilment where it is packaged and delivered, lastly stock levels are instantly upgraded to your site ready for the next customer.

Now think of all this occurring quickly.

This process can run each time an order comes through, whether you receive one or one thousand orders a second, whenever of day, our solution can manage any volume of information, getting rid of the threat of human error.

We created an option to combine their organization eCommerce with your Sage accounting software application, these include: Sage 200 Evoltion, Sage Buisness Cloud and Sage 50C Partner.

Thanks to our combination you can automate expense and time-consuming elements of your sales, stock management and fulfilment procedures, saving over two days of staff time monthly.

Decision makers are able to quickly create monetary reports for their entire operation from within their ERP system, confident in the truth the data is accurate and as much as date. This offers clear presence of efficiency enabling notified, tactical decision making.

Automating the processing of sales and keeping stock levels survive on your eCommerce site(s) is important, ensuring you never over-promise or under-deliver to your clients.