Sage 200 to WooCommerce B2B

For: Absolute Aircraft Parts

The Client:

  • Customer Name: Absolute Aircraft Parts

  • ERP Accounting system: Sage 200 Evolution

  • Sales platform: WooCommerce B2B

Business Inefficiencies Looking to Solve

The Scoping & Onboarding Process

After scoping and project sign off, the customer completed the template used to provide information for setting up the sync application to sync Sage 200 Evolution and WooCommerce-B2B.

Upon completion of the sheet, the team installed the sync tool on the Sage 200 Evolution server in 10 minutes. 

The team ran a few quick data checks, and everything was running smoothly, with no customer input so far.

Training was then scheduled with the client to ensure familiarity with the software, and took around 20 minutes with 3 stakeholders. The team will be available for ongoing support.

The End Result of The Integration:

The end result for Absolute Aircraft Parts was a fully functional reliable B2B e-Commerce store that integrated stock, price and orders from WooCommerce B2B to Sage Evolution 200. 

The complex setup of customer specific pricing and orders raised to specific customer accounts with multi-buyers per an account had been achieved by using the WooCommerce B2B software.

The sync logs showed a reliable and automated sync without any blocking of updates and smooth operation all round.

For More on WooCommerce And Shopify Integration See This Video:

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