Client Resources

Resources for Clients to use on and the
eCommerce platforms that it can be integrated with.

Adding Your Sales Channel

1 - Adding Sales Channel
Adding Channel to Storehub - Client Resources

1.1 Select the Channels option in the left side menu and then click the button “Add Channel”.

2 - Adding Sales Channel Details
Adding Channel Info to Storehub - Client Resources

2.1 Select the Channel Type, (Currently only WooCommerce is available).

2.2 Select the Mode, (Currently only B2C is available).

2.3 Enter the Sales Channel Name.

2.4 Select where you will be doing your Merchandising.

2.5 Select the Default Warehouse.

2.6 Select the Default Pricelist.

2.7 Select the WOOSALES option.

2.8 Choose your Service Shipping Item, from the following items Cash sales customer, Delivery or Woo Comm Delivery.

2.9 Select the ERP Order Ref prefix, in this case it will be woo-.

2.10 Enter the API Url ( followed by /wp-json/wc/v3/), now enter the correct API Key and API Secrect from your WooCommerce store.

2.11 Click the button “Submit”.

3 - Pushing Products to Sales Channel
Channel Addition Complete - Client Resources

3.1 Click the button “Push Products”.