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How to grow your online B2B footprint with Sage 200 integrated B2B eCommerce

eCommerce is a fundamental part of the B2B sales approach, yet the globe of B2B eCommerce is big and also complex. We simplify this process using our Sage 200 B2B integrated eCommerce solution to easily manage your customers needs when shopping wholesale online.

The Difficulties of B2B Ecommerce and how to simplify the process using Sage 200 integrated B2B eCommerce solution.

Unlimited juggling, Sage 200 B2B eCommerce combines all your systems:

If your service does not have an incorporated eCommerce system such as Sage 200 B2B eCommerce, you might discover you are managing a relatively countless collection of software, systems as well as systems behind the scenes to satisfy today’s client assumptions.

Sage 200 B2B eCommerce eliminates any room for error:

If you perform a lot of hands-on procedures you may likewise experience a lot of human mistake when inputting the same information right into numerous various systems. Delivering addresses can be gone into wrong, inaccurate supply levels can result in overselling as well as product details could be incomplete, incorrect, and even missing out on. This can lead to a bad consumer experience and also ultimately a decrease in customer retention, poor evaluations and loss of revenues. Using our software solution and Sage 200 integrated eCommerce will eliminate any room for error when managing your B2B store.

Sage 200 B2B keeps your data up to date on your eCommerce store:

All of this can bring about a bad experience of b2b eCommerce for both your company and the customers that handle you. Integrated eCommerce will aid you handle your eCommerce site a lot more properly.

Sage 200 B2B integrated eCommerce expectations

When your organization switches to Sage 200 B2B eCommerce you will certainly see a substantial renovation in connectivity as well as coordination.

Sage 200 and your B2B eCommerce are linked together: You can think of integration as an incredibly strong network of roadways that links each and every one of your systems. It basically connects your online shop and various other on-line sales networks to your back-end systems (such as an ERP platform, storehouse management system, finance software program etc.).

Keep stock, price and product data up to date with Sage 200 B2B eCommerce:

Sage Integrated B2B eCommerce is the coordination between a firm’s eCommerce site as well as back-end bookkeeping as well as ERP systems. Linking Sage 200 B2B eCommerce permits bidirectional circulations of info between both your website and Sage 200.

Better data handling with Sage 200 integrated B2B eCommerce:

This circulation of info bidirectionally in between the two systems means information only requires to be entered into the system once. Information such as item specs, valuing details, customer details, as well as order information no longer needs to be become part of both your backend systems (this can consist of ERP or CRM systems) and your eCommerce website.

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