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Sage 200 WooCommerce Shopify Integration South Africa

How will a Sage 200 Shopify or WooCommerce integration upscale my business in South Africa?

Sync your Sage 200 with a Shopify or WooCommerce store in South Africa

It’s clear that the eCommerce landscape has actually shifted considerably over the past couple of years, and not just for B2C businesses. Even before the pandemic hit, WooCommerce or Shopify organizations were contending with the interruption of traditional sales networks and techniques, considering just how they can adapt and keep up.

Covid-19 did strike however, ultimately irritating the requirement for several to pivot their sources as well as initiatives to stay up to date with the adjustment in consumer expectations and also getting behavior. Digital was brought to the fore far quicker than many had actually prepared for.

We’ve had a look at how WooCommerce or Shopify businesses have gotten to this factor– essentially the development of the WooCommerce or Shopify sale– as well as why electronic adoption is currently a must for any WooCommerce or Shopify business. It’s the initial in our collection of WooCommerce or Shopify-focused blogs with My Webspace,, that will certainly see us discover just how WooCommerce or Shopify can aim to change their strategy via far better content as well as commerce experiences, including actual use cases as well as examples.

WooCommerce vs Shopify integration using Sage 200 in South Africa, which one is best and why?

Historically, WooCommerce or Shopify sales processes have been various from B2C. It’s all-natural given the difference in target market, items, order size, etc. WooCommerce or Shopify has relied heavily on field sales reps to generate brand-new customers as well as to also drive commitment and repeat buy from business accounts. Display rooms, exhibition, as well as in-person sales and also onboarding have actually been the standard, as has actually printed material like catalogs for advertising and marketing and distributing product information.

While these approaches were attempted as well as evaluated, the reliance on them has actually implied WooCommerce or Shopify businesses have been usually slower to adopt brand-new digital technologies throughout the sales process, especially in comparison to B2C. A lot of that hesitancy has actually come from the idea that online business models and on the internet store fronts would certainly mean changing the sales groups, but actually, it doesn’t have to be a trade off in any way.

Automate stock, price and orders with an integrated Shopify or WooCommerce store and Sage 200 in South Africa

A brand-new generation of customer is beginning to take over within the business structure at many WooCommerce or Shopify businesses. These buyers are a lot more digitally smart and also have much less (or no) inclination to continue to operate as it has constantly been done. When business customers were checked by Salesforce after the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, 85% of service customers positioned the very same focus on perfect engagement and they did on item high quality, noting these buyers’ “high standards emphasize the essential nature of client experience for WooCommerce or Shopify and B2C firms alike.”

The distinct setting of WooCommerce or Shopify firms is that WooCommerce or Shopify customers are, most importantly, B2C purchasers with the same electronic commerce expectations that they see from the brand names and also stores they enjoy. They look for product or services on-line just as they would if it was for their own personal consumption. Yet in doing so, they’re bypassing the typical sales path as well as the chance for salespeople to lend their knowledge as well as experience to the process or to build traditional relationships with them.

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