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Integrating Sage 50 with B2B in Britain

Integrating Sage 50 with B2B in Britain: What Data Can Be Synched?

Sage 50 and also B2B eCommerce are entirely two different systems with different energies as well as styles. Now, integrating Sage 50  with B2B eCommerce improves business functions throughout the organization and also includes benefits to the organization (Sales, Advertising And Marketing, IT, Functional services and customer support).

Currently the concern that is available in our mind is- what challenges do we face and also try to overcome !!!!

To start with, if there are any kind of dependencies on products, consumers as well as supply or amount.

Circulation of info is an additional challenge. Either the data circulation is one directional or it is somehow bi-directional i.e. from B2B eCommerce to ERP & from ERP to back.

Current process of taking care of data and info as well as additionally the two systems that will function as the master of two information.
These are the challenges that we encounter and also we require to overcome. Currently identifying these obstacles will certainly increase up the information recognition procedure as well as generally the complying with data factors must be considered for B2B eCommerce and Sage 50 integration.

Well, the sorts of data that must be synchronized between your Sage 50 & B2B eCommerce platform are:

Customer synchronize procedure between Sage 50 & B2B

Key program of company is that the data should be appropriately synchronized. Synchronizing customer info between Sage 50 & B2B eCommerce systems is the initial step that will include uniformity in consumer experience.

For instance, a customer that frequently shops on your e-commerce store calls your client service team to change its shipping address and the needed change is mirrored in the Sage 50 system. Currently, any type of change in consumer details in either of the applications (Sage 50 / B2B eCommerce) will reflect in the other immediately post integration.

Consumer information sync will certainly help you drive advantages like personalize customer experience, provide self-service consumer websites and even more.

Products/Items Synchronization between Sage 50 & B2B

A customer sees your e-commerce shop as well as places an order. But, where does your ecommerce store obtain the item from? Services typically maintain all the fundamental product details in the Sage 50 system. Without this information (product and inventory) the B2B eCommerce store can not work successfully.

For example,

You are a seller where you take care of product and also stock info independently in your sB2B eCommerce and Sage 50 integration.
A customer gos to your e-commerce shop, discovers the store as well as really likes a product.
He/ She checks out the item information web page and finds that the item is readily available in the required dimension and also remains in stock. He/ She places an order!
After couple of days, the client obtains an email that his/ her order is terminated since that product was out of supply and also supply information was not synced with the Sage 50 system.

If this situation occurs then there is a really high chance that the customer might never return as well as also advise various other customers to deny from you.

With integration and also synchronization your B2B eCommerce and Sage 50 systems will certainly always be in sync with each other and you can really easily avoid scenarios like these.

B2B To Sage 50 Supply Synchronization

Product and also Supply sync will minimize back orders, boost client’s buying experience and also make it easy to sell on multiple channels, construct trust as well as confidence with your clients, taking care of product info, stock management etc.

For example, the supply details sync can be required to a various degree when the stock is taken care of and also preserved in numerous warehouse places. This would certainly after that need organizations to preserve the stockroom and stock information in Sage 50 system and then sync the details back to the shopping system.

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