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IQ Retail WooCommerce Integration

IQ Retail WooCommerce Integration In The UK

Why is IQ Retail WooCommerce integration essential for your business in the UK?

As a comprehensive ERP system, IQ Retail is superior to various other systems in regards to the volume of WooCommerce info it can save. Our WooCommerce integration gathers all the relevant info in intelligence Retail as well as transfers it to your online store. This consists of whatever from product number as well as product name, to photos, classification, as well as item dimensions necessary for messenger integration. Various other details such as marketing and educational video clips, advertising and marketing as well as item sales brochures, technical requirements or setup and user handbooks that you don’t require to store in IQ Retail can additionally be straight fed to your WooCommerce store.

If your company concentrates on sales to organizations at customer details wholesale costs, or to the general public at retail prices, you will certainly locate our comprehensive IQ Retail WooCommerce integration ideal. By integrating your intelligence Retail ERP system to our comprehensive shopping software application, you will remove the requirement to manage information in more than one area or straighten systems manually, since the integration makes it possible to keep a solitary information repository as well as automates system positioning. To ask for a complimentary appointment, call our group!

How do you ensure that your products are up to date?

Our IQ Retail WooCommerce integration will certainly make certain that all your WooCommerce shop items are up to day and available to your customers. Just items that are active and also flagged for WooCommerce are shown, utilizing the internet thing flag. This assists manage your WooCommerce shop items effectively. You can conveniently get rid of products you no longer want to market, or items that are not yet all set to market by simply getting rid of the internet thing flag. You can additionally change the status of your products to non-active or removed in intelligence Retail. When you prepare, simply alter the indicators to include them back in your WooCommerce shop.

Can you manage stock or inventory levels efficiently?

Our IQ Retail WooCommerce integration provides you the choice of concealing supply schedule from your consumers on your shopping store; however, making it noticeable to them can enhance your organization integrity. Additionally, you have the advantage of guaranteeing that your customers never undergo the disappointment of ordering out of stock products, therefore reducing your management hours spent backwards these orders or managing assumptions.

With your IQ Retail system, making certain that your shopping stock degrees are always as much as day can be challenging, particularly when your supply is quick relocating. Our integration helps you synchronise your supply degrees from across your stockrooms as well as branches in between intelligence Retail and your WooCommerce system. Stock conversion element performance is also sustained in intelligence Retail. For instance, if you stock 12 cans of Coke, our integration can also show 2 6 pack of Coke offered, reflecting the intelligence Retail performance.

Make the most of your WooCommerce performance as well as select from our multiple options to present supply levels to your clients, such as:

  • Exact supply schedule (showing the actual variety of products in stock).
  • Show if an item remains in or out of stock (make use of a symbol or words just mirroring ‘in stock’ or ‘out of stock’, or.
  • Pick not to disclose stock sign.

Even if you choose not to reveal supply to your clients, the functionality can hide items that are not available and prioritise items that remain in stock when a customer makes use of the search performance to search for certain groups or items.

How does automatic processing of sales orders with zero errors work?

WooCommerce systems automate the sales order placing procedure, eliminating the mistakes frequently caused by guidebook order preparation, particularly with a big customer base. Besides this, another major advantage of WooCommerce systems is 24 x 7 accessibility, giving your customers the convenience of placing orders outdoors business hrs, on weekend breaks, and even on public vacations.

When your customer puts an order online, our WooCommerce integration directly puts it in your IQ Retail system permitting the customer accessibility to the IQ Retail order number, making it simple to take care of succeeding enquiries rapidly as well as efficiently.

Obviously, if you intend to review the order initially, it can be gone on hold. If the order can be processed immediately, it can be released to cause your logistics process such as printing packaging checklists in the storehouse, to make sure that the order can be satisfied as soon as possible.

Your consumers get access to their orders via the order list, where they can watch order information, status, invoices as well as distribution track and trace info (where given). Products in the order can likewise be reordered, besides downloading the order or emailing the order to an e-mail address of their option.

Our B2B remedy has additional performance for business customers. Prior to order positioning, the WooCommerce system can do various checks all based upon your current process. These include:

  • Examining repayment alternatives available to the customer
  • If paying by account, client’s credit score accessibility
  • Enabling the consumer to put an order regardless of being out of credit score
  • Choice of enabling adjustment of delivery address
  • Determine just how early the order can be delivered
  • Choice of ordering unavailable products

Additionally, orders not put by means of the WooCommerce system can be included in the order history for organization clients, letting them track or re-order online using orders developed straight in intelligence Retail.

Detailed customer database

IQ Retail’s WooCommerce integration supports all the required B2B client details to make sure that for every service individual there is a customer account as well as ship-to address connected from IQ Retail. This can likewise be linked to details shops or branches if required.

An intelligence Retail consumer’s pertinent account details such as recent invoices, credit line as well as payment approaches are synchronised and provided online to the customer to ensure that your accounts department do not need to area unnecessary call.

You can additionally filter products making use of consumer details from IQ Retail via this integration guaranteeing that your clients see only those products that are offered for purchase.

Can you integrate wholesale, retail and custom prices?

IQ Retail will certainly be your one-stop resource for customer prices, integrating retail prices, whole sale prices, and also customer particular costs from intelligence Retail to your WooCommerce system.

When your B2B customers sign in to the system, they will check out rates certain to them, consisting of consumer specific discounts, volume discounts and also specials.

An IQ Retail WooCommerce integration solution for your unique needs

Our comprehensive WooCommerce integration to IQ Retail can be found in a vast array of configurations to suit a plethora of requirements. Nevertheless, we do recognize that there are a variety of organization situations and requirements that could need custom remedies. For any type of specific demands you may have that we have not covered below, please contact us to see if we are able to meet your requirements.

What do you need to do?

Our WooCommerce integration to intelligence Retail is implemented utilizing a integration of the IQ Retail API and our proprietary integration software application. To access this integration, please contact intelligence Retail or your intelligence Retail reseller for information concerning the rates and also the procedure of triggering the intelligence Retail API.

  • Likewise, allow us understand what your shopping objectives are. Offer to the public at retail prices, i.e. our business-to-consumer (B2C) remedy, or
  • Offer to businesses at consumer specific prices, i.e. our business-to-business (B2B) solution, or
  • Sell to both the public and also businesses

You can read more regarding the above mentioned items here or see our B2B pricing as well as B2C rates.

If you have certain concerns regarding our WooCommerce integration solutions, we ‘d more than happy to address those via a cost-free examination.

Contact the sales team to book a consultation.

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