IQ Retail WooCommerce integration South Africa

IQ Retail WooCommerce integration South Africa: Why your business needs integration

Use to keep your IQ Retail software WooCommerce store in sync. IQ Retail WooCommerce integration aligns products, photos, stock, sales as well as consumers that remain in WooCommerce with your Factor of Sale. integrates with both IQ Retail as well as WordPress / WooCommerce stores.

When brand-new items are added in your IQ Retail software, they are synced with WooCommerce. Adjustments to existing product fields such as product name, pictures, cost, cost, stock level, weight, measurements, qualities, classifications, summaries and brand/manufacturer are automatically synched between both systems.

Web orders from customer purchases in WooCommerce will instantly push through to your IQ Retail software to ensure that you never ever oversell your inventory. The IQ Retail to WooCommerce integration will certainly connect the online order to your client sales history and also produce a brand-new consumer account if one does not exist currently. On the internet order notes in WooCommerce will certainly also download to your IQ Retail software. You can conveniently see sales transaction reports in your IQ Retail software as either a quote, sales order or invoice for convenience for all orders made through the WooCommerce channel.

Variations are additionally supported. If your company offers items with various options that are selectable online, such as color and also size, the IQ Retail to WooCommerce integration supports syncing alternative items with features via the platform to WooCommerce as variations.

The IQ Retail to WooCommerce integration port provides smooth combination in between your IQ Retail software as well as your on-line WooCommerce shop. The integration is extremely flexible as well as is created to be set up to suit your details organization needs.

What information can be synchronized between IQ Retail and WooCommerce?

Stock details such as stock code, stock name, extended description, pricing, supply onhand as well as photos can be put online.

Customer accounts can additionally be synchronized.

Client Sales Background.

Specfic custom rates using consumer agreement rates or defined optional asking price
Supply Images as defined in the intelligence system.

Sales Orders/ Prices Quote/ Invoices
Maintain stock supply in the IQ Retail system only. Decreases the frustration of keeping or integrating supply data sources in the IQ Retail system and WooCommerce website platform. Internet site administration is lowered substantially.

Offer internet site visitors a fairly precise idea of your product stock degrees & schedule for Unavailable items coming back into stock.

Manage WooCommerce store orders in the IQ Retail system as Sales Orders, quotes or invoices. The management overhead of data catching web site orders is decreased dramatically, especially loading orders line product for line product. It likewise lowers the possibility of information capture errors.

Integrate client (borrower) accounts directly to the website as well as subsequently link internet users to their equivalent customer accounts. When transactions are after that refined on the system, the right account number is applied enabling purchases on credit history for the specified account.

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