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Is Your Business Ready for WooCommerce Integration With Sage 200? -

Is Your Business Ready for WooCommerce Integration With Sage 200?

Is your business ready for WooCommerce integration, a current eMarketer record projections global retail WooCommerce sales to get to $4 trillion by 2020, making up 14.6% of overall retail investing that year. That’s an incredible number. As consumers remain to go shopping online extra frequently, sellers are wanting to cash in on eCommerce sales.

Nevertheless, as your WooCommerce sales expand, it ends up being more challenging to handle the volume. Expanding vendors probably utilize other systems together with WooCommerce to manage their processes.

Are your existing systems integrated? If they’re not, look into why your business may be ready for integration as well as exactly how to do it.

What is WooCommerce Integration?

WooCommerce integration is when a seller links their WooCommerce website to their various other online sales channels as well as back-end systems like Sage 200 Development. Integrating your systems allows for the bidirectional circulation of information, or information between these systems.

Integration removes the demand to get in the same details into each system individually. Instead, information streams instantly right into one system, enabling information to be gotten in only once right into the designated system.

As an example, a merchant could track how much supply they have of each item in their Sage 200 Evolution system. When they sell an item online, they should readjust the supply count. Without integration, they need to alter the supply counts in both systems to mirror the right numbers. With integration, stock matters would instantly alter across both systems after the sale.

WooCommerce Integration can boost most of your service procedures, yet it can be difficult to tell when you require it.

Signs That You Need WooCommerce Integration

If any one of these concerns sound all also familiar, you’re more than likely all set to integration your WooCommerce platform.

Are you having difficulty keeping up with existing sales volumes? Without integration, increased sales can be intimidating for a vendor. Managing more orders can indicate much more hours hunched over a keyboard hand-keying data throughout your systems.

One key indication that you’re ready for WooCommerce integration is that you have entire groups spending the majority of their time manually moving information in between systems. We have actually found a business who described employees as “information ninjas” that worked solely on going into item info from their Sage 200 Evolution into their WooCommerce site.

Your team shouldn’t spend hours hand-keying the same information from one system to an additional, whether it be WooCommerce orders, inventory counts, or item info updates.

If you count on manually relocating information, your business is most likely a lot more vulnerable to human mistakes too. When the very same data is returned to time and again, it’s reliant mistakes. One slip can result in incorrect inventory counts, shipping addresses led to improperly, as well as inconsistent item info.

How often does a little blunder like this reason a huge issue for your firm? If it occurs typically, it’s time to take into consideration integration.

Also, consider that these issues do not simply affect your group internally. Slow, error-prone hands-on process can likewise create your customer experience to endure. When supply isn’t upgraded fast sufficient, you can oversell. Incorrect delivery addresses leads to late deliveries as well as annoyed customers.

Your consumer experience is at risk here. Luckily, WooCommerce integration fixes these troubles.

Is Your Business Ready for WooCommerce Integration, contact the sales team to book a consultation.

Contact the sales team to book a consultation.