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Reseller Commission Pricing Table

Perfect for website developers who want to integrate their customers' online store with their accounting software.

No. SKUs

ERP Source

Sales Channels

  Sage Business Cloud Sage Evolution WooCommerce Ecwid
Cost p/m 30% Commission p/m Cost p/m 30% Commission p/m Cost p/m 30% Commission p/m Cost p/m 30% Commission p/m
0-500 products R750.00 R225.00 R1400.00  R432.00 R630.00  R189.00 R501.50 R150.45
501-2000 R960.00 R288.00 R1800.00  R540.00 R810.00  R243.00 R603.50  R181.05
2001-5000 R1550.00 R465.00 R2500.00 R750.00 R1200.00  R360.00 R935.00  R280.50
5001-7000 R1960.00 R588.00 R2920.00  R876.00 R1400.00  R420.00 R1190.00  R357.00
7001-10 000 R2510.00 R753.00 R3400.00  R1020.00 R1980.00  R576.00 R1683.00  R504.90
10 001 -15 000 R2930.00 R879.00 R3850.00  R1155.00 R2760.00  R828.00 R2346.00  R703.80
15 001 - 20 000 R3640.00 R1092.00 R4230.00  R1269.00 R3580.00  R1074.00 R3043.00  R912.90
20 000 - 30 000 R4440.00 R1332.00 R4910.00  R1473.00 R4430.00  R1329.00 R3765.50  R1129.65
30 000 Please contact us Please contact us Please contact us