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Sage 200 Evolution WooCommerce B2B Integration

Automate wholesale ordering, with multiple pricelists, account-customers only, PO numbers, Sales Reps and more

Sage WooCommerce B2B Integration

Key Features of Sage 200 Evolution with WooCommerce B2B

Seamless ERP to eCommerce Integration & B2B Trade Stores - Sage eCommerce

Multi pricelist & customer discounts B2B caters for customer-specific pricing, multi-pricelist, pricing matrix discounts and volume discounts


Multi warehouse Capability

Allow customers to view stock and price  from multiple warehouses with a single sign-on, and order from any one


Sales Rep tools & functionality

Sales reps can log in, view their customers, assist with orders and accrue commission on select orders


Restricted product cateogries

Limit access to certain product categories to select customer groups listed in your ERP system


Bespoke WooCommerce B2B Store

We setup a custom B2B Store on your existing WooCommerce website or develop a custom WooCommerce site with B2B functionality.

Sage 200 Evolution WooCommerce B2B Workflow ERP/Accounting Software Integration With Your WooCommerce B2B Store

Storehub B2B vs WooCommerce B2B

Which platform would be better for my B2B business operations – We take a look at the advantages and features of both.

Summary Takeout: If you’re a business looking for a quick to set up, yet powerful B2B ordering portal, B2B is the right solution for you. If you require a more brand-focused, stylized store with courier integration, payment gateways or complex product merchandising/displays, WooCommerce B2B would be your best option.

WooCommerce B2B Features

Setup effort

Storefront display options

Delivery options

Payment options



Sales rep functionality B2B

Very easy to set up and link with your existing website via a URL. Fully hosted and ready to be configured in minutes.

Limited product display options and brand opportunities/landing pages.

Has built in shipping cost calculations, free shipping threshold.

On account or bank EFT are the only options available for payment on B2B.

Can support ordering from multiple warehouses off one platform.

Supports most pricing options in ERP (Multi pricelist, pricing matrix, customer masterfile discounts).

Fully supported on B2B with tight integration from your ERP.

WooCommerce B2B

Requires Woo to be set up, potential other plugin conflicts. Requires more setup effort and 180USD plugin cost.

Use any WooCommerce template/theme to customize the display of products.

Add a courier plugin from your preferred service provider to automatically calculate the cost of delivery.

Can select from any payment gateway plugin provider for credit card-type payments.

Supports only one warehouse location, or a sum of stock (WH A + B+ C) from multiple locations, writes back to one location.

Only retail price and multiple pricelists/customer group pricing supported.

Is not supported out of the box and will require a setup cost to implement.

INTEGRATE Sage 200 Evolution & Your WooCommerce B2B Store Today With offers the easiest, ‘quick to implement’ and advanced B2B Wholesale eCommerce and retail Sage 200 Evolution integration to WooCommerce, Shopify and more.