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Sage 50 B2B eCommerce Integration Benefits Businesses In The UK

Sage 50 B2B eCommerce Integration Benefits Businesses In The UK

When you integrate B2B eCommerce with Sage 50, you get a combined giant of technology that enhances virtually every area of your organization.

Boosted consumer experience thanks to Sage 50 B2B integration

When you integrate the details in your Sage 50 with a B2B eCommerce platform, you put info that your clients desire at their fingertips.

Once a client logs-in to their account, they can see duplicates of their invoices and inspect order condition or see tracking information. Sage 50 B2B eCommerce integration offers buyers understandings into your supply chain. They can see stock degrees before they purchase. This boosts the client experience and also quits backorders dead.

Much better decision making with Sage 50 B2B integration

Integrated systems allow you detect aged as well as overstocked supply as well as relocate rapidly with B2B eCommerce flash sales. Sales and marketing personnel have far better insight into purchaser behavior. And because data is much more accurate (less hand keyed deal suggests fewer chances of mistake) you make better decisions. As well as economic reports are extra exact too.

Sage 50 B2B Integration Provides Streamlined processes

When a consumer makes a purchase on the internet site, they do the data entry task for you. With an integrated system, the order details streams easily to Sage 50 where the sales order is created, the order is pulled, loaded, as well as delivered and an invoice produced from the sales order. The invoice and tracking info can then recede to the eCommerce internet site where it is accessible to the client.

The same information flow can be utilized to automate the handling of return consents as well.


Integrated systems permit you to scale easier. Due to the fact that you are operating efficiently, procedures aren’t a barrier to growth. As sales via the B2B eCommerce network increase, there’s no demand to include added accounting or customer service personnel to take care of the calls or paperwork.

Lowered Errors

Automated workflows and elimination of duplicate data access go a long way to lowering the variety of human errors your staff members make.

From preliminary order entry, consisting of quantities and also shipping addresses, to the transmission of tracking information the number of human activities is minimized. Anything you automate runs with fewer information mistakes.

Challenges to Sage 50 B2B eCommerce integration

So, if Sage 50 B2B eCommerce integration is so vital to B2B business, why doesn’t every firm do this?

Well, some things are much easier stated than done– and also integration is among those points.

The Sage 50 software includes the most comprehensive information concerning a firm and its history. This consists of present and also previous clients, orders, current products, terminated items, price lists, inventory quantities, as well as purchase histories. It’s a massive quantity of data.

The extraordinary quantity of data makes updating a Sage 50 a hard task. So, the majority of ERPs aren’t current with the current launch. Some have not been updated in years, if ever before. So, not just is the Sage 50 software usually dated, however it is likewise generally operating on old modern technology. That ERP might have been state-of-the-art 15 years back, yet today it’s the technological matching to a primitive graphing calculator.

And also because no 2 companies are the same, no 2 Sage 50 applications are ever before the very same.

A mix of old innovation, obsolete software program, and considerable modification makes integration a challenge.

Sage 50 B2B eCommerce Integration Methods

So after that, exactly how can you handle B2B eCommerce Sage 50 integration given these difficulties? The response depends on the number of systems that you will at some point integrate.

If you are only incorporating the B2B eCommerce Sage 50 integration (you utilize nothing else software application) then a point-to-point integration might be the simplest strategy.

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