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Sage 50 Partner B2B eCommerce Integration

Account customers, price, stock, sales reps and orders sync automatically between Sage 50 Partner &

Seamless ERP to eCommerce Integration & B2B Trade Stores - - Sage Integrated eCommerce Solutions

Account Customer Pricing & Sync from Sage 50 Partner

Account customers in Sage 50 Partner can log in to view their customer-specific pricing, discounts and place repeat orders. As is integrated tightly with Sage 50, all information syncs seamlessly and requires no manual data formatting or entry for a 10 minute setup turnaround time.

Sales Rep Functionality on B2B Store

Sales reps pull through from Sage 50 Partner through to and all their linked customers. Allow sales reps to access all customers, or linked customers only, accrue commission on all customer orders or only orders the rep places and more. - Sage Integrated eCommerce Solutions - Sage Integrated eCommerce Solutions

Restricted Products and Delivery Addresses

Customer groups in Sage 50 Partner can be linked with certain product categories on B2B eCommerce. Require customers to use their registered delivery address to prevent fraud, or allow a new address on checkout.

Sage 50 Partner B2B eCommerce Workflow

Accounting Software B2B eCommerce Integration Workflow via

Key Sage 50 Partner B2B Commerce Functionality

Multiple pricelists from Sage 50 Partner syncs all your pricelists from Sage 50 Partner to your B2B trade store and links each customer account with their specific pricelist.

Restricted products

You may restrict your B2B products to specific customer groups by setting up new customer groupings in Sage 50 Partner and determining which customer group may access specific product groups.

Customer discounts sync from Sage 50

Discounts from customer masterfile sync through from Sage 50 Partner and apply to the pricelist, so user would get “Price X less 10% discount” on the storefront. The price is worked out automatically and the final discounted price is shown.


Customers can order from multiple warehouses from one dashboard login. Orders raise against each warehouse at a unique price, and a customer may open a new cart for each warehouse. All order info syncs back to Sage 50 Partner.

Orders sync to Sage 50 Partner

Orders placed on the B2B trade store sync through to Sage 50 Partner automatically, and are raised against the customers’ account with an order reference number generated by the store for easy tracking.

Multi-delivery address

If your customer has more than one delivery address, you can sync them through to B2B trade store from Sage 50, or, a user may choose to enter in their own delivery address.

Sales Rep functionality

Sales Reps in your Sage 50 Partner system pull through to the B2B eCommerce trade store. Sales Reps can be linked to specific customers only, or access all customers, assist other sales reps and access customer orders/

Multi-currency from Sage 50 Partner

Pricelists in different currencies can be used on B2B eCommerce trade store. Map the currency symbol type to be used on each pricelist so the linked customer pricelist currecny displays correctly.

Information Synced From Sage 50 Partner to Trade Store

All information required to run a successful B2B eCommerce trade store integrated with Sage 50 Partner is synced from your accounting software. No information is required to be imported or changed in Sage 50 Partner in order to run the B2B store. All data and workflow management can be handled online via the easy-to-use dashboard in order to configure, run and maintain your B2B eCommerce store.

  • Product Information
    • Product SKU
    • Product title
    • Tax/VAT rates
    • Stock level (On hand less on order)
    • Product pricing (all pricelists)
  • Customer Information
    • Account code
    • Customer name
    • Email address
    • Contact number
    • Delivery address/es
    • Customer masterfile discount %
    • Linked sales rep code
    • Customer tax rate
    • Sales Rep Information
    • Rep code from ERP
    • Rep email address
    • Rep name
  • Order Data Synced Back to Sage 50 Partner Contains
    • Customer code
    • Order reference number
    • Delivery address
    • Contact number
    • Email address
    • SKU code line items
    • Quantity
    • Discount per line item
    • Order total
    • Tax total
    • Order comments
    • Sales Rep code

In order to integrate Sage 50 Cloud Accounting with your B2B Commerce store you need to choose the right software platform to get it done easily.

Using, you can easily integrate Sage 50 Cloud with your eCommerce store by installing the sync tool on your server, which automatically pushes all product, customer and sales rep data to your account, from which your B2B Commerce store is built on.

With your Sage 50 Cloud integration to, price, stock and inventory tax types all push to your B2B Commerce store along with Customer information, multiple pricelists, customer specific discounts and more.

Sales Reps also pull through from your accounting software automatically, so the only manual component of setting up your Sage 50 Cloud integrated B2B Commerce wholesale store would be adding product images/categories and filters if required.

In order to integrate stock, price and orders between Sage  50 Cloud and your B2B Commerce store, we’ll need to connect Sage 50 Cloud to

Click the “Add Data Source” button on your brand new account, and select your Sage 50 Cloud details. This process will automatically sync through:

  • Product SKU codes
  • Stock levels
  • Product Units
  • Customer data
  • Sales rep data
  • All pricelist data
  • Tax codes

Once you’ve got all your product date on, you can now push it to your B2B Commerce store with all information integrated with and your Sage 50 Cloud ERP system.

In order to integrate orders with your Sage 50 Cloud Accounting with your B2B Commerce Wholesale store, you’ll need to install the sync tool on the server which takes around 10 minutes to complete. Once installed on Sage 50 Cloud, orders will be able to push back from your B2B Commerce account and raise automatically in Sage 50 Cloud without any manual input.

All information required to automatically sync orders from your B2B Commerce Store is done so automatically, with:

  • Product SKU
  • Customer code reference
  • Purchase Order number
  • Delivery date
  • Tax types
  • Discounts
  • Quantity
  • Delivery & billing address
  • Order reference number

Everything you need to fulfill your orders in Sage 50 Cloud will be sent through from B2B Commerce Wholesale store.

In order to integrate Sage Business Cloud with your B2B Commerce Wholesale store, you’ll need to ensure the following is in place.

  • Cash sales customer: This is flagged as a “cash sales” customer type. It wont be used for B2B store but is still required.
  • Delivery service item: All cost of delivery will be allocated to this service item in your accounting software on orders/sales documents generated.
  • All product SKU items that exist on your webstore need to be present in your Sage 50 Cloud ERP system

In order to pay for the integration cost between Sage 50 Cloud and your B2B Commerce Wholesale store, you need to know how many product SKU codes you wish to sync to/from your online store.

  • Pick the “Sage 50 Cloud” option here on the pricing page 
  • Pick the “B2B” sales channel, with the appropriate number of SKUs as well on the pricing page
The two totals combined is the monthly cost required for the integration between, Sage 50 Cloud and your B2B Commerce platform

In order to integrate Sage 5 Cloud with your B2B Commerce store, you’ll need to install the integration tool on your server. Once installed, this will allow stock, price and orders to sync seamlessly between the two platforms.

Customer data, sales rep info and multiple pricelists, which are specific to the B2B platform, will also integrate automatically.

Once the data is integrated from Sage 50 Cloud to B2B Commerce platform, you’ll be able to pick all your display settings of stock and price, as well as which customers can access certain ranges of products, or any other B2B-specific storefront setting to allow you to transact efficiently.

If your business sells via multiple online channels, like WooCommerce or Shopify, but also would like to sell on a B2B Commerce platform as well, easily caters for this.

Orders will sync from your WooCommerce or Shopify store easily, as well as your B2B Commerce platform.

Price & Stock will update your WooCommerce or Shopify sales channels and also your B2b Commerce platform at the same time, meaning there’s no need to do any manual work on different store platforms as it all integrates seamlessly at the same time.

In order to sync with you’ll need to be on V18 or newer of Sage 50 Cloud. It’s common best practice to always ensure you’re running on the latest versions of Sage 50 Cloud for better performance, stability and also new features and patches that are deployed from time to time.

INTEGRATE Sage 50 Partner & Your B2B eCommerce Store Today With offers the easiest, ‘quick to implement’ and advanced B2B Wholesale eCommerce and retail Sage 50 Partner integration to WooCommerce, Shopify and more.