Shipping Setup

1 - Setting up Shipping Zone

1.1 Click the Shipping tab to open the shipping section within the WooCommerce settings.

1.2 Enter the name for your Shipping Zone.

1.3 Select the zone/s that you would like the shipping zone to cater for.

1.4 Now click Save changes.

1.5 Click the "Add shipping method" button.

2 - Adding Shipping Method

2.1 Select the shipping option that you would like to use out of the following: Flat rate, Free Shipping, Local Pick up or Custom option.

2.2 Click the "Add shipping method".

3 - Editing Shipping Method

3.1 Now click "edit" button to edit the selected shipping option.

4 - Setting up Shipping Method

4.1 In this example we will be using Free Shipping, firstly enter the Method title.

4.2 Select the Tax status, the options being Taxable or none.

4.3 Enter the cost for the shipping.