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Sage 50 Sellers Marketplace To Sell Products

Should I Use Sage 50 Sellers Marketplace To Sell My Products?

Why sell on the Sellers marketplace with Sage 50 Integration?

Takealot is by far the biggest eCommerce site in South Africa. On a month-to-month basis, over 10 million people go to to see what products get on deal. Be part of the profits by making use of Sage 50 to marketplace integration.

What makes Takealot special among sellers in South Africa is that they supply a market. Requirement vendors will certainly simply buy from a pick couple of suppliers. Takealot enables anybody that is approved to checklist items on their shopping store. After that they can be gotten by the many individuals that most likely to Takealot on a monthly basis. You can currently make the most of this market by utilizing the platform. Create a Sage 50 to market integration to begin marketing your products online.

Including Products to the Takealot Seller Internet Site through the Sage 50 Sellers Marketplace Integration System

With a number of exemptions, you can offer virtually any kind of kind of product on the Takealot Market. Before you can begin marketing your product on the Sellers Marketplace, you require to ensure that the thing you wish to market becomes part of Takealot’s Product Brochure. With Sage 50 to sellers marketplace integration, you can sync items directly from your Sage 50 software to the sellers marketplace system.

Takealot has a brochure of numerous products. These item listing web pages, in addition to photos and also product recaps as well as specs, have really been established by the Takealot Internal Catalogue team and also by other sellers submitting thing information.

Within the Takealot Supplier Web site, you can browse this brochure by barcode or item title to see if your thing currently exists in the brochure. If your thing is branded and typically found in stores throughout South Africa there is a high possibility the product will certainly currently exist in the Takealot product catalogue.

Marketing your products with your sellers marketplace integration

Among the advantages of selling on a sellers marketplace Sage 50 integration  is that they take care of all the logistics and also circulation of your things to a customer. This needs that you supply your supply to a Takealot Storehouse (DC). Takealot will certainly utilize their messenger network to give your item to a customer.

There are 2 options for marketing your items on the Takealot Sellers Marketplace. You can either keep your product in Takealot DCs or you can note your things on a lead time as well as also just ship a product to the DC as soon as a client has placed an order. With market Sage 50 integration, orders made on industry will certainly be raised to the Sage 50 software application virtually immediately.

Saving your supply in the Takealot DC has many benefits. Keeping your items in the Takealot Stockroom suggests they look like ‘In Supply’ on the item web page and also Takealot remains in a placement to choose, pack as well as ship an order dramatically quicker. Takealot Consumers have a much greater propensity to purchase items that are ‘In Supply’ as they identify there will not be any kind of kind of stock troubles and that they will certainly obtain them much faster than a product that is only supplied on a preparation.

Stock level updates with Sage 50 market integration

Takealot prioritises ‘In Supply’ deals when establishing the Buy Box Champion. If you are taking on other vendors on an item and all your offers are valued the very same, you will definitely win the Buy Box if your product is ‘In Supply’ as well as different other sellers are selling on a preparation. With Sage 50 sellers marketplace integration, supply degrees will be upgraded almost immediately from the Sage 50 software program for an accurate representation.

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