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Stock2Shop Storehub Upgrade

When it comes to e-Commerce integration what software should you be upgrading to, Stock2Shop or

In this review we will look at S2S benefits and benefits, what does Stock2Shop have to offer and what upgrading to will provide.

Take a look at how Stock2Shop compares with for your e-Commerce integration upgrade. S2S compared to is a question that should be asked when choosing the right e-Commerce software for your integration.


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Upgrading Stock2Shop to eCommerce

When it comes to eCommerce integration using S2S or with WooCommerce, Shopify,, you should be looking for a robust, easy to use, off-the-shelf integration software that will perform the sync or integration tasks automatically without errors. When you are using a software that does not provide you with the fundamentals of eCommerce integration to WooCommerce, it can be frustrating and leave a sour taste when trying get the system working for your business, if even possible. This is why researching the best integration software for your business is crucial and now you’re here as you’ve probably found a solution but can’t decide which software to go ahead with. In this article we will cover the differences you can expect between and Stock2Shop.

S2S Upgrade

Data between softwares such as Stock2Shop and can easily be managed by exporting/importing from your Source to S2S or 

Sync from either Stock2Shop or will send data from the integrated source to the sales channel. has a more robust and reliable integration software.

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Sync your WooCommerce store with's WooCommerce Sync Software

Manage your store efficiently with automatic stock and price updates using's integration software

Sell to Wholesalers with account specific pricelists and restricted catalogues, raise orders direct to customer account with's B2B solution.

Sage Business Cloud, Sage 200 and Sage 50 integration for your sales channel, update stock, price and raise orders automatically.

Connect your Shopify store with a data source for automatic stock, price and order updates.

IQ Retail eCommerce integration using's integration software, connect multiple sales channels with your data IQ Retail data source. upgrade from Stock2Shop

Great support is a must, as the clients are the business, so what can be said about the support that offers and Stock2Shop offers, the cost and what timelines can be expected from each software solution. As fore mentioned,‘s advanced logging system allows the client to provide with a direct error report as to what exactly the concern is and what the client would like to see occur.’s integration logs eliminate the need for investigation, they are straight cut, concise and easily understandable for non tech-savvy users. This gives a fast turn around time as the team can quickly attend to any support queries, with minimal downtime and cost. has a standard support option that provides on-demand support from an agent, this means no waiting or downtime for your business. Keeping your products update to date and ensuring integration is uninterrupted is’s top priority.

Get in touch with for a free consultation if you are using Stock2Shop or S2S and want to upgrade.

Book a free upgrade from S2S with and sync your products to your sales channels using’s e-Commerce integration software.


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When you sign up with S2S or you will have access to a dashboard of sorts that will show you information on your e-Commerce integrated Source and Sales Channels. See how Stock2Shop compares with dashboard with a free demo from

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