B2B Wholesale eCommerce

The Storehub.io eCommerce platform allows for full data integration of stock, price, orders and customer data to sync between your ERP system and B2B Commerce store.

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Multi pricelist & customer discounts

Storehub.io B2B caters for customer-specific pricing, multi-pricelist, pricing matrix discounts and volume discounts


Multi warehouse Capability

Allow customers to view stock and price  from multiple warehouses with a single sign-on, and order from any one


Sales Rep tools & functionality

Sales reps can log in, view their customers, assist with orders and accrue commission on select orders


Restricted product cateogries

Limit access to certain product categories to select customer groups listed in your ERP system

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Features of Storehub.io B2B eCommerce

Storehub.io B2B Commerce is a fully hosted and secure B2B Commerce platform that can bolt on to your existing brochure website. Simply add a link “Trade Store Login” and your customers can navigate from our site to log in and start shopping. The below table is an overview of features offered by Storehub.io B2B Commerce:

B2B Features
Multi Warehousing
Multi Pricelists
Pricing Matrix
Sales Reps
Auto Price & Stock updates
Multi Currency
Restricted Products
Customer Data From ERP
Multi Delivery Address
User defined field from ERP
Automatic Customer Tax Rates
Purchase Order Number on Checkout
Quote, Sales Order, Invoice
Requires SDK/API Module
Sage Business Cloud
Sage 50c Partner
Sage 200 Evolution
IQ Retail

Storehub.io B2B eCommerce Workflow

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