B2B Commerce

Customer Pricing And Tax

Sage eCommerce integration

Unique Pricing For Each Customer & Currency

One of the cornerstones of B2B Commerce is the ability to sell products at multiple pricelists to different customers. syncs through from your accounting software all pricelists from the warehouses you’ve selected to sync through during the sync setup process. Each customer will be linked to a pricelist and when the customer logs in, they’ll be shown their linked pricelist.

If a customer has a discount applied to their customer masterfile record of 20%, that will be applied over and above their pricelist price.

You may also choose a pricelist and change the default currency display symbol so that each customer will see the price per-product with the appropriate currency symbol.

Customer Pricing Tax - - Sage Integrated eCommerce Solutions

Tax Per Customer & Per Product B2B Commerce makes managing tax rates for different customer groups a thing of the past. Each customer and each product SKU item has their tax rates automatically applied from your ERP system without you needing to configure anything further.