B2B Commerce

Multi-Warehouse B2B & Retail eCommerce Workflow

Sage eCommerce integration

If you’re looking to set up a B2B store with and include a retail sales channel, like WooCommerce or Shopify, the below graphic illustrates a typical data workflow for a company with one or more warehouses and one or more retail online sales channels.

Note: A retail sales channel is defined as selling to the public via “one pricelist from one warehouse” and “orders from one sales channel writing back to one warehouse only”, although different sales channels can write back to different warehouses. It’s not possible to send orders back to multiple warehouses.

Multi Warehouse B2B and Retail - - Sage Integrated eCommerce Solutions

Workflow Description

In addition to the “Multi-warehouse B2B Workflow” process, one can manage as many retail sales channels as you’d like from one dashboard (think WooCommerce, Shopify, Amazon etc.), in addition to the B2B store channel.

The retail sales channel/s link up to only one warehouse to pull stock and price from. It’s not recommended or possible to split up retail orders between multiple warehouses due to logistical issues (cost of shipping management, document numbers etc.).

When setting up the retail sales channel, in addition to the B2B channel, only one warehouse is available for selection, and only one pricelist in that warehouse. This selected warehouse is also the location for orders placed on the retail channel to be raised against (Warehouse C in the example above), unlike B2B which is warehouse-independent.