B2B Commerce

Multi-Warehouse B2B Workflow

Sage eCommerce integration B2B Multi-Warehouse Workflow

If you’re looking to set up a B2B store only with (or link it to an existing website), the following graphic illustrates a typical data workflow for a company with one or more warehouses that wishes to allow their customers to log in to one or more warehouses to place orders.

Multi Warehouse B2B - - Sage Integrated eCommerce Solutions

Workflow Description

A customer (Customer A in example above) is linked to a pricelist on Warehouse A and also on Warehouse B.

When Customer A logs in to your B2B Commerce store, they’ll be able to shop from each warehouse that they’re linked to via their pricelist at each warehouse.

The price and stock will change accordingly between each warehouse as the customer switches between Store A and Store B. When your customer adds items to their cart for Warehouse A and they switch to Warehouse B, they’ll need to process a new order that will be sent to Warehouse B. When they cycle back to Store A, their order will be remembered in the cart.