Multiple Delivery Addresses

Secure Customer Deliveries​

Sage eCommerce integration

Manage B2B store delivery addresses B2B Commerce automatically syncs through all the available delivery addresses from your ERP for each customers’ account. If you have more than one delivery address per customer account, they will be available for selection at the point of checkout.

Delivery address options & security

To prevent fraud, as a store owner you can decide if you’d like for customers to enter their own delivery address at checkout, or force them to use a pre-defined delivery address that you have on file in your ERP.

If you allow customers to enter in their own delivery address, because they’re more than likely buying on account, you as the store vendor need to be aware of the potential fraud implications thereof.

Customers can enter in their own delivery address on checkout, if the option is enabled, and that address will be saved for future use in addition to any addresses you may have for the customer on ERP masterfile.