Order From Multiple Warehouses

See stock, pricing and receive orders from warehouses made available to your customers

Sage eCommerce integration

Customers can place B2B orders from all warehouses

With Storehub.io B2B Commerce, your customers can view and place orders from all warehouses they’ve been linked to in your accounting software. A customer is linked to a pricelist on a specific warehouse, which is used to show the appropriate stock, product items and price per warehouse.

B2B eCommerce Multi Warehouse - Storehub.io - Sage Integrated eCommerce Solutions

A store customer may select a location to view, as per diagram on the right. If the user has items in the current cart, this will be saved for future use if they view an alternative warehouse.

The customer may return to their original warehouse and process the transaction with the saved cart content. Each warehouse store view writes the order transactions back to the selected warehouse. It’s not possibly to split orders up among warehouses.