B2B Sync Installation & Recovery​

Accounting Software Sync in Minutes​

Sage eCommerce integration

Setting up the sync between your accounting software and Storehub.io B2B Commerce is easy. On average, a cloud-based ERP takes 5 minutes to set up, and a desktop server-based ERP system like Sage 200 can take 15 minutes. With walkthrough tutorial videos, anyone can complete an installation in minutes.

Secure & Cloud Based​

A common customer query is “is my data secure” and “what happens if my connection with accounting software breaks, or my accounting software goes down?”. With Storehub.io being built on secure, non-open source infrastructure, the database is inherently secure and hack-proof, with daily backups of all data completed.

B2B Sync - Storehub.io - Sage Integrated eCommerce Solutions

If, for whatever reason your sync with the accounting software breaks, all order and product data is saved securely in the cloud. When the connection with your accounting software is re-established, the orders will push through automatically.