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Sage 200 Takealot Marketplace Integration Software

Syncing Sage 200 price & stock with Takealot Seller Marketplace – Here’s how to get set up

How to set up a sync between Sage 200 and Takealot Seller Marketplace?

In this article we take a look at exactly how incorporating the marketplace with your accounting system/ERP can automate the entire sales cycle on the third event industry.

Item vendors are frequently excited to capitalize on‘s industry offering, wherein you can detail your own products on their platform and benefit from the large volume of customer traffic to raise your sales, all for a tiny fee.

We consider:

  1. Why is integration essential with‘s vendor market?
  2. Is integration for each business, or for bigger services with resources?
  3. The 3 strikes you’re out! integration solves this
  4. Can I run a integration as well as likewise an on-line shop?

Sync Sage 200 with Takealot seller marketplace best software to use

Why syncing or integrating your Sage 200 with Takealot Marketplace is best practice for eCommerce

Running an on the internet industry account like requires a lot of hands-on application to make sure supply, cost as well as item merchandising information keeps up to day. Any failure to maintain this will leave you with costly refund/return processes, as well as additionally lower your market vendor rating significantly.

  • You additionally don’t want to invest important time that could be invested somewhere else growing your organization, visiting to your marketplace dashboard to upgrade supply or cost multiple times each day.
  • A integration synchronizes all the crucial information to as well as from your seller account that needs to change routinely, like product rate, supply, summary, pictures, lead times etc 2. Is integration for every single company, or for bigger organizations with sources?
  • has an unbelievably stringent supplier plan, as well as operates a ‘3 strikes as well as you’re out’ program. This is to ensure their customer care as well as logistics are top quality. So what does this mean?

If you’ve detailed a product as “offered” on‘s marketplace, but a client has actually simply acquired your whole stock in-store, you’re incapable to accomplish any orders placed on Strike 1! If your rate is incorrect, you’ll be forced to ingest the price on your account. has an exceptionally strict supplier plan, as well as operates a ‘3 strikes as well as you’re out’ regime. This is to guarantee their customer care and also logistics are world class. So what does this suggest?

If you have actually detailed an item as “readily available” on‘s marketplace, however a customer has just purchased your whole supply in-store, you’re not able to satisfy any orders positioned on Strike 1!

If your rate is incorrect, you’ll be compelled to swallow the cost on your account.

Update Takealot Marketplace with Sage 200 product stock, price and raise orders to Sage 200

We obtain asked “can I run both at the same time” and the short answer is “yes”. Adding a market integration in addition to an eCommerce store works by utilizing the same product merchandising information throughout both sales networks.

This does not indicate you have to offer all your items staying on your on-line store on marketplace also, as you can conveniently pick which products you want to toggle as “active” or “inactive” per sales network through the dashboard.

For each sales channel, you can choose a pricelist to utilize, e.g “pricelist 3” is used for market integration, however “pricelist 1” is used for my retail Woocommerce or Shopify store.

For orders to sync back from marketplace and your on-line shop, we suggest developing 2X money customer represent each, so orders placed on marketplace are increased against “Takealot Sales” consumer and also your WooCommerce sales are increased against an “Online Sales” consumer account. This will make reporting on sales easy.

Need more information?

We’re here to help and also use advice where needed on your industry integration needs. Please call our handy technological staff at and also we’ll gladly help you, book a free consultation here.

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