Tax And Currency Setup

1 - Setting up Tax And Currency

1.1 If you would like Tax enabled for products and checkout on your WooCommerce store, please select this option.

1.2 Here you will be able to select the correct currency for your WooCommerce store based on the country your store sells good or services in, along with the currency symbol and thousand separator and decimal options.

2 - Main Settings For Tax

2.1 Here you can select to show products either inclusive or exclusive of tax.

2.2 Here you can base the tax on the Customer shipping address, Customer billing, Shop base address, the Shipping tax class can be set to standard.

2.3 Here you can have the Shop page, Cart page and Checkout page to show prices Inclusive or Exclusive of tax.

2.4 Here you can display tax totals as itemized or as a single total on checkout.

2.5 Once complete click Save changes.

3 - Setting up Tax Rates

3.1 Click on the standard rates option.

3.2 Click insert row.

3.3 Fill in the required information based on countries tax information.

3.4 Once complete click Save changes.