Why IQ Retail WooCommerce integration is essential for your business in Canada

Why IQ Retail WooCommerce integration is essential for your business in Canada

As an extensive ERP system, IQ Retail transcends to other systems in regards to the quantity of e-commerce information it can store. Our IQ Retail Shopify integration collects all the appropriate information in IQ Retail as well as transfers it to your on the Shopify store. This includes whatever from thing number and product name, to pictures, categorization, as well as thing measurements essential for carrier assimilation. Other information such as promotional and also training videos, advertising and marketing as well as product brochures, technical spec or installation and also individual guidebooks that you do not need to store in IQ Retail can additionally be directly fed to your Shopify store.

If your service focuses on sales to organizations at consumer particular wholesale costs, or to the public at retail prices, you will certainly find our thorough IQ Retail Shopify integration ideal. By setting up a IQ Retail Shopify integration  using our Storehub.io software program, you will certainly remove the demand to manage information in more than one place or line up systems manually, considering that the integration makes it feasible to preserve a solitary information database as well as automates system placement. To request a free consultation, contact Storehub.io today!

Our IQ Retail Shopify integration provides for:

Products noted for shopping,
Supply or stock degrees,
Sales orders, distribution track & trace information current order background,
Consumers, current account & monetary deals, and
Retail, wholesale as well as client certain rates.

Our IQ Retail Shopify integration will certainly make sure that all your Shopify shop items are up to date and also available to your consumers. Just products that are active and flagged for Shopify are revealed, making use of the web thing flag. This aids handle your shopping store products efficiently You can conveniently eliminate products you no more wish to market, or items that are not yet prepared to offer by just getting rid of the web thing flag. You can likewise change the status of your products to non-active or erased in intelligence Retail. When you prepare, simply change the indications to include them back in your shopping shop.
Manage stock or inventory degrees effectively.

Our IQ Retail Shopify integration offers you the choice of hiding stock schedule from your customers on your ecommerce store; nevertheless, making it visible to them can improve your business integrity. Additionally, you have the advantage of making certain that your clients never go through the frustration of getting unavailable products, hence reducing your management hours spent in reversing these orders or taking care of expectations.

With your IQ Retail system, making certain that your Shopify supply degrees are always approximately date can be hard, especially when your stock is rapid relocating. Our IQ Retail Shopify integration helps you synchronise your stock degrees from throughout your storehouses as well as branches in between IQ Retail and Shopify. Supply conversion element capability is also sustained in IQ Retail. As an example, if you supply 12 canisters of Coke, our integration can also show 2 six packs of Coke readily available, mirroring the IQ Retail capability.

Make the most of your ecommerce functionality and also pick from our multiple choices to show supply degrees to your customers, such as:
Exact stock availability (revealing the actual variety of things in supply),.

Program if a thing remains in or unavailable (use an icon or words just mirroring ‘in stock’ or ‘unavailable’, or.

Choose not to disclose supply indicator.

Even if you decide not to show supply to your consumers, the performance can conceal products that are not available and prioritise items that are in supply when a consumer uses the search functionality to look for specific categories or items.

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