Client Resources

Resources for Clients to use on and the
eCommerce platforms that it can be integrated with.

Adding Your Data Source

1 - Adding Data Source
Adding Your Source to Storehub - Client Resources

1.1 Select the Sources option in the left side menu.

2 - Selecting Accounting Type

2.1 Select the accounting software that you use, in this example we will be using Sage Business Cloud.

3 - Entering Source Details

3.1 Shows the selected accounting software.

3.2 Enter the Source Reference Name.

3.3 Select the store mode for the source, the options are B2C, B2B or Both, and then select the Active option.

3.4 Now select the Business Cloud Details tab.

4 - Enter Accounting Source Credentials

4.1 Enter your Accounting Username.

4.2 Enter your Accounting Password.

4.3 Click the button “Check Credentials”.

5 - Check Credentials

5.1 A notice saying “API connection success” should show (if not the Accounting Credentials are incorrect, try re-enter them).

5.2 Click the button “Submit”.

6 - First Sync

6.1 Click the button “Sync Now”.

7 - First Sync Results

7.1 You will get a notice of how many products were receieved.