Monthly Hosting Costs

FREE integration setup for online accounting suites, and R2000.00 ex VAT integration setup fee for server-based ERPs

Monthly hosting fees excl. VAT

Select one ERP/accounting data source

No. SKUsSage One/Business CloudSage 50c PartnerSage 200 EvolutionXero
0-500 productsR550.00R760.00R1400.00R220.00
7001-10 000R2110.00R2270.00R3400.00R1400.00
10 001 -15 000R2530.00R2740.00R3850.00R2040.00
15 001 - 20 000R3140.00R3250.00R4230.00R2660.00
20 000 - 30 000R3340.00R3710.00R4910.00R2890.00
> 30 000Please contact usPlease contact usPlease contact usPlease contact us

Select one or more sales channels

No. Product SKUsWooCommerceShopifyEcwidNetcash ShopB2B Commerce
7001-10 000R1980.00R1641.00R1584.00R1584.00R2490.00
10 001 -15 000R2760.00R1987.00R2208.00R2208.00R3010.00
15 001 - 20 000R3580.00R2599.00R2864.00R2864.00R3980.00
20 000 - 30 000R4430.00R3592.00R3544.00R3544.00R4650.00
> 30 000Please contact usPlease contact usPlease contact usPlease contact usPlease contact us

Require eCommerce store setup service?

The team can also assist with setting up and maintaining your eCommerce store, both retail and B2B and have extensive experience with WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento.

We can also assist with data formatting/cleaning and is often required when setting up an online store.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements so we can quote you accurately.

For any work required to get the sync running (formatting data or debugging issues in your accounting software), a rate of 850 ex VAT per hour applies and will be quoted on before any work is undertaken.