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Integrate Xero with WooCommerce B2B

Sync price, stock, customers & orders between Xero and WooCommerce B2B. Cater easily for wholesale ‘on account’ ordering.

Customer-specific pricing, restricted ordering, sales reps and more.

Same-day, FREE setup! Never spend time manually capturing data again.

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    Why choose for
    Xero integration with WooCommerce B2B?

    The EASIEST integration platform to use, same-day setup, and syncing data without hassles –  our Google reviews say it all!

    Usual setup times vary from 10 minutes to half an hour.

    Ferdinand Alester
    Ferdinand Alester
    The Storehub team is outstanding. The B2B store integrates seamlessly with our ERP system and offers all the functionality that one would come to expect.
    Stephan Burger
    Stephan Burger
    I really want to compliment the Storehub team. Jenna was super helpful in finding the right solution for my business. The support and help from Jesse was next level. Knowledgable, professional, and extremely helpful. I highly recommend Storehub.
    Lara Bernhardt
    Lara Bernhardt
    Kyle is always willing to help and provides excellent service 🙂
    Melanie Schwartz
    Melanie Schwartz
    What a wonderful Team of people! Very helpful & listen to your needs. Enjoyed working with this team.
    Carmen Taylor
    Carmen Taylor
    I have worked with Kyle Langveld since 2020 when we opened our e-commerce site in early 2021. Kyle has always been more than helpful going out of his way to assist with issues, advice etc. The Storehub system is more user friendly than the previous system with better features and require less input from the user with no error queues etc. Would recommend MyWebSpace and
    Lirene Eybers
    Lirene Eybers
    Such awesome software its user friendly and so easy to use! Amazing service and support received from Kyle always ready to help if I need some assistance.
    vince willett
    vince willett
    These Guys get the job done no matter what To be honest, I did not think they will pull it through after some time, as the solution we wanted was unique. Storehub delivered the product, but we had some issues which were not caused by Storehub but by a 3rd party software. Luckily the issues got sorted out quickly, At the end Storehub customized a solution for us and it works perfectly. Thanks Guys!
    Jasmin Volschenk
    Jasmin Volschenk
    I have had to work with many developers and I can honestly say Jesse from Storehub is by far the best I have come across. Storehub honestly cares about their customers needs and the end result (for such a complicated project) WOW! We didn't just end-up with a functioning website but massive improvements on the user experience and I have learned so much along the way. Thank you Storehub, It's service like this, that is CLV gold standard! We feel safe with our company in your hands and we look forward to growing together.
    Grant Lawrence
    Grant Lawrence
    Jesse and his team have build an amazing powerful e-commerce channel. Since opening our B2B store, business has grown. Our Rep's love the ease of use off a tablet. Orders are placed immediately with little effort and no mistakes. Clients love the ease of use and quick ordering system. Cant fault the e-commerce software and seamless integration into my Patel accounting system!

    Retail & B2B Xero Integrations

    If you sell directly to the public, or you’re a wholesale operation, has solutions for both types of businesses that automate the movement of data between all your sales platforms using WooCommerce B2B.

    Fully automated retail integration means your WooCommerce sales channels stay up to date, while your account customers who buy on credit can access their unique price via their unique login.

    All data required can integrate with Xero seamlessly, saving you many hours per month in admin costs, ensuring everything stays up to date.

    Direct support

    Direct support offered telephonically. Have an issue or query that needs to be resolved? Simply call our friendly help desk and you'll speak to an operator without queueing

    Reliable software

    with over 15 years in ERP and integration software, 10 of those as an official Sage Accounting product, we've got experience building robust software applications.


    Stock, price and orders update multiple times a day as and when they change in your ERP system. Never sell an out of stock item again, or at the incorrect price.


    Do you have any questions around our Xero to WooCommerceB2B integration solution? Please contact us below, or perhaps we’ve got the answer you’re looking for in our FAQ on the right.

    How much does the Xero to WooCommerce B2B integration cost? is made up of 2 costs, your data channel and sales channel. You  may have one or more sales channels linked to your account. View pricing page here.

    Note, the monthly costs change with your SKU bracket, so please select the appropriate bracket to find out your monthly cost.


    What do I need to integrate Sage 50c with WooCommerce B2B?

    In order to integrate Xero, you’ll need to have access to your Xero account and also your WooCommerce login credentials.

    All product information and customer information needs to exist in your accounting system and eCommerce store.

    Can I sell to retail and wholesale B2B via WooCommerce B2B?

    Yes, WooCommerce B2B is a plugin that works with existing WooCommerce stores and allows for account-customer functionality and restricted pricing.

    All your usual WooCommerce functionality is available in addition to the new account-customer ordering functions available.

    With limited technical skills, can I use the Xero Accounting WooCommerce integration?

    The integration is set up by one of our trusted support agents, meaning you simply have to grant access to your Xero Accounting profile and we’ll do the rest!

    On an ongoing basis, the integration is incredibly simple, and will keep running without issues, provided you keep your basic accounting data in shape.

    Do you have a fixed term contract for the Sage 50c WooCommerce B2B integration service?

    No, all integration services can be cancelled with one months’ calendar notice (30 days), so you’re never locked in to any contracts, and we’re held to a high standard of support to ensure you remain a happy customer.


    How does integrate with Xero?

    Connect data source

    Link up Xero with Sync Set-up

    Configure your account settings for data push and order raising in Xero

    Connect sales channel

    Link up your WooCommerce, Shopify or Marketplace channel and start syncing with Xero

    The simplest, yet most powerful integration tool for Xero eCommerce integration available.