How to integrate Sage 200 Evolution with

Sage 200 Evolution eCommerce Integration - Seamless ERP to eCommerce Integration & B2B Trade Stores

Getting Started With Sage 200 Evolution Integration Using can sync products, stock, customers, multiple warehouses and multiple price lists from Sage 100 or 200 Evolution to your central cloud hub.

To integrate, we’ll require a registered SDK connector in Sage which can be setup by your Sage 200 consultant or dealer. 

In order for to connect with Sage 200 Evolution, you’ll need to provide the following information to us:

Item Description Example
Sage Evolution Version You can locate this in Sage under: help > about. 10.1
SQL Server The server pc address or name JANEDOE01
SQL Database The Database that holds the inventory warehouse(s). JDCOMPANY
SQL User (e.g “SA”) An authenticated SQL user with read/write (r/w) privileges. sa
SQL Password The specified SQL user password. ******
Common Database Specify the common database where the SDK connector is installed. SageCommon (or EvolutionCommon)
Warehouses to sync Specify the Warehouse(s) within the Sage database, that Storehub will use for inventory stock & pricing. (You can add multiple if b2b customers are linked to different warehouses). Mstr A01 A02 A03

Adding Your Sage 200 Evolution Source to

Here you will be shown how to setup your Sage 200 Evolution sync with under the Source tab on the web app. Integration source and channel set up - login
  • Next You will need to navigate to the Source Tab on the left menu.
Get started with eCommerce integration - Integrated eCommerce solutions with
  • You will need to click Add Source.
  • A source selection dropdown will appear, then you will need to select the Sage 200 Evolution option. accounting source selection -
  • You will then have a page where you will need to enter the following.
  • Source Reference Name (Your Chosen name for the source i.e. Sage 200 Evo).
  • Store Type, B2C (Business to Consumer), B2B (Business to Business) or Both.
  • Stock calculation type (Quantity on Hand or Quantity available).
Get started with Sage 200 Evolution integration - Sage integrated eCommerce solutions with
  • Next you will need to click Evo Details.
  • Here you will need to enter the before mentioned details from your Sage 200 Evolution software.
  • Next you will need to click Submit.
  • Your Sage 200 Evolution source has now been added.
Get started with Sage 200 Evolution integration - Sage integrated eCommerce solutions with

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