Sync WooCommerce with your accounting software for auto price, stock & order updates

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Sage, Xero and IQ Retail Integration With WooCommerce -

Update Stock, Price & Orders to and from WooCommerce

Pricing can now update directly from your ERP/Accounting software to WooCommerce using Never sell an item at the incorrect price again. You can save over 20 hours per month on manual stock and price updates, eliminating all human errors.

Sync WooCommerce With Your Accounting Software -

Orders Fetched From WooCommerce

Once a customer places an order on your WooCommerce store, that order is fetched by and raised into your ERP/Accounting software either as a Quote, Sales Order or Invoice, this is depending upon your choice of the three during the setup.

Key Benefits of WooCommerce Accounting Integration syncs all your critical info to and from WooCommerce, making running an online store admin free.

Take advantage of all the plugins WooCommerce offers to increase sales, design templates and ease of setup, no need to move to a new platform!

Syncing up your WooCommerce with is easy, your website developer or designer can assist with this process.

Sync your store easily, with the Uni, a comprehensive range of tutorial videos will guide you on every aspect of your setup.

When the sync install is complete and you’ve selected your data source, integrating your product data can take 5 minutes or less!

With, you can link more than one eCommerce store to your stock and price data, to sell in different currencies or regions.

Set up B2B for WooCommerce

Sync your customer data with your WooCommerce store to list specific pricelists or restricted categories. Allowing wholesalers to order as per their account terms from your ERP/Accounting software to raise either as a Quote, Sales Order or Invoice.

Why use for your WooCommerce integration

Integrate multiple pricelists & discounts for registered WooCommerce customers.

Import Sales Reps automatically from your ERP system and their associated customers.

Automatic Price & Stock Updates, Provide 24/7 stock & price transparency to your customers.

Orders placed on your B2B store raise into your ERP software automatically.

Customers can select from multiple warehouse’s, to see stock and price and place an order.

You can restrict registered customers from accessing certain categories and products.

INTEGRATE Your Accounting / ERP Software & WooCommerce Store Today With offers the easiest, ‘quick to implement’ and advanced B2B Wholesale eCommerce and retail ERP integrations to WooCommerce, Shopify and more.