How to integrate your Shopify store with

The cloud hub is designed to centrally manage your inventory stock, prices and merchandising data (images, categories, extended descriptions, documents, attributes, variations etc) which can then be synced to any or all of your online store(s) or sales channels (i.e b2b or Takealot). 

If you prefer to manage your product data on your store (i.e shopify/woocommerce) then can simply automate your price/stock or orders with your Accounting software (ERP).

In order for to connect with your Shopify Store, you’ll need to provide the following information to us:




Shopify site domain

Shopify Admin Login portal.

Shopify username

Admin Username or email to login to your wordpress website.

Shopify Password

Admin password


Shopify API password

Create a new API password for on Shopify



Raising Orders with will automatically create a webhook to ensure all orders placed on Shopify are successfully synced to Storehub & Raised in your ERP within seconds.