How to integrate your WooCommerce B2B Store with

Sage, Xero and IQ Retail Integration With WooCommerce -

Getting Started With WooCommerce B2B Integration

Note: This integration will only work for WooCommerce stores that are using the B2B WooCommerce plugin –

If you prefer to manage your product data on your store (i.e shopify/woocommerce) then can simply automate your price/stock or orders with your Accounting software (ERP).

In order for to connect with your WooCommerce Store, you’ll need to provide the following information to us:

Item Description Example
WordPress url WordPress Admin Login portal.
WordPress username Admin Username or email to login to your wordpress website.
WordPress Password Admin password. *****
WooCommerce API Key Create a new API key for on WooCommerce. ck_1deebf27c3719edae2aceb85e236794b58d6e3df
WooCommerce API Secret Create a new API secret for on WooCommerce. cs_57357bef15a1cf90c19e44d2199c58e7c43d5295

Raising Orders with will automatically create a webhook to ensure all orders placed on WooCommerce are successfully synced to Storehub & Raised in your ERP within seconds.

INTEGRATE Your Accounting Software & WooCommerce B2B Store Today With offers the easiest, ‘quick to implement’ and advanced B2B Wholesale eCommerce and retail ERP integrations to WooCommerce, Shopify and more.