How to integrate your Takealot Marketplace with integration using sets up in minutes. Follow the below instructions to start transacting in 5 minutes! Marketplace Integration With Your Accounting Software -

Getting Started With Integration Using

Here’s what you’ll need to have in place in order to integrate with your accounting system for automatic stock, price and order updates:

  • An active registered marketplace seller account
  • Product offers/inventory items loaded on the marketplace account
  • An accounting data source (like Sage, IQ Retail or Xero) linked to

Creating your sales channel on

1. Log in to

Log into using your account credentials

2. Add the sales channel

  • On the LHS of your screen, click on Channels and choose “” from the dropdown list
  • Click “Submit” and your Takealot Channel settings will become available eCommerce channel selection and set up -
  • Complete all the relevant fields on the channel setting, which are described below Marketplace channel set up -
  • Name: Name of Channel like ‘YourCo Takealot’
  • Warehouse for Stock: Warehouse on your ERP where you will be syncing stock from
  • Warehouse for Price: Warehouse on your ERP where you will be syncing prices from
  • Warehouse for Orders: Warehouse on your ERP where you will be syncing orders to
  • Retail Price List: Pricelist on your ERP that you will be pushing to Takealot
  • Cash Sale Customer: The cash sale customer on your ERP that you will be raising orders against
  • ERP Order Ref Prefix: Make it easy to identify where the orders arrived from in your ERP
  • Stock Threshold: Reserve some stock for sale elsewhere (“5” will send 20 stock – 5 = 15 stock on Takealot)
  • Payment-Gateway Order: Choose document type to raise on ERP, sales order, invoice or quote
  • API Key: Enter the API key copied from your seller dashboard here
  • Merchant Warehouse ID’s: The unique merchant warehouse ID copied from your seller dashboard. Follow the link in field description
  • Max Stock Pushed: Set a cap limit if you don’t want to expose your full stockholding to competitors Marketplace channel merchant warehouse ID -

3. Create your API on

  • Log in to your seller marketplace
  • Navigate to the API Integrations > Seller API and copy the API key.
  • Navigate back to your dashboard and paste in the API key field highlighted below Marketplace API Key Creation -

4. Create a Webhook on

On dashboard, copy the API webhook URL to your clipboard. Webhook set up for Marketplace integration -

On your seller dashboard, navigate to “Seller API > Webhook” and click on “create new Webhook” and paste the URL in the URL field on the popup Marketplace API Key Creation -
  • Select in the “Event(s)” dropdown ONLY “Sales Status Changed” option. This will let know every time an order is placed on
  • Once created, make sure to flag the new Webhook as “active” as it has a default status of “Inactive”.
If you need assistance, please contact or visit the YouTube channel for more tutorial videos.

Accounting (ERP) Software to Integration Using

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