Takealot.com Marketplace Integration With Your Accounting Software

Automate orders to raise from Takealot, update stock, offer price and RRP prices with lead times.

Takealot.com Marketplace Integration With Your Accounting Software - Storehub.io
Storehub.io - Sage Integrated eCommerce Solutions

Relieve the Stress of Takealot.com Marketplace Selling

Incorrect stock and price puts your Takealot account good standing at risk if you’re unable to fulfill orders. Storehub.io automates all manual data updates, allowing you to spend more time on growing your business.

Seamless Stock Updates to Takealot.com, DC or Lead Time

Ensure stock is always accurate on Takealot.com to. Choose a pricelist and Warehouse from your ERP to send to Takealot. Stock and price remains accurate across all your sales platforms (Woo & Shopify) and Takealot.com.

Storehub.io - Sage Integrated eCommerce Solutions
Storehub.io - Sage Integrated eCommerce Solutions

Takealot.com Marketplace Orders Raise to ERP/Accounting

Orders placed on Takealot.com will be raised back into your Accounting system against a cash-customer account, with order reference, SKU items, discounts factored in, being captured automatically.

Storehub.io to Takealot.com Integration Workflow

Storehub.io to Takealot.com Integration Workflow

Key points of Takealot.com Seller marketplace Integration

Price, stock & orders sync

Storehub.io syncs critical info to Takealot.com marketplace for maintenance-free selling, of stock levels, price and lead times to Takealot.com (Lead Time or DC stock).

Takealot.com orders captured

Orders placed on Takealot.com marketplace will raise automatically against a cash sales customer in your accounting system. No manual data capturing necessary.

No additional hardware or software

Once you’ve opened up a Takealot.com marketplace account, use Storehub.io to push your product data updates seamlessly.

Video tutorial resources

With a range of helpful tutorial videos, step by step instructions on setting up your Takealot.com marketplace data sync is easy.

Set up in record time

Integrate with the Takealot.com Marketplace in minutes. Simply copy-paste your TAL marketplace API key on Storehub.io, configure the channel and in 15 minutes you’re ready to start transacting!

Fulfillment with Takealot.com or in-house

Decide if you’re warehousing your products at a Takalot.com DC or fulfilling them in house – Storehub.io’s integration caters for both workflows.

INTEGRATE Your Accounting / ERP Software & Takealot.com Marketplace With Storehub.io

Storehub.io offers the easiest, ‘quick to implement’ and advanced B2B Wholesale eCommerce, retail ERP integrations to WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. and Takealot Marketplace.