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Integrate Sage 200c and B2B Wholesale Commerce in The Middle East/UAE

Cater for Wholesale B2B ordering for account-customers in The Middle East/UAE. Sync price, stock, customer data, Sales Reps, warehouse inventory, restricted product categories and more, all with Sage 200c.

Completely automate your sales rep or account customer ordering and stock/price visibility, available online.

FREE, same-day setup. Start transacting in minutes!









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    Why choose for Sage 200c B2B Wholesale integration in The Middle East/UAE?

    The EASIEST integration platform to use, same-day setup, and syncing data without hassles –  our Google reviews say it all!

    Usual setup times vary from 10 minutes to half an hour.





    Adam Dasovich
    Adam Dasovich
    I took on a project last year that was much more difficult than I had anticipated. The projected took much longer than was expected due to the internal issues we had at the company I was helping. I worked primarily with Jesse Knoetze ( project manager) throughout the implementation of the project. Along the way, we hit many stags which turned out to be the fault of the company that I worked for. Some of these issues were trivial, while others were more of a serious nature. When one of these issues arose, Jesse always maintained his professional demeanor and helped me identify the problem and help get me to a solution. Due to the lack of communication and coordination at the company I was working for, many irritating situations arose and were detrimental to a successful implementation. Jesse kept his cool, which in turn helped me keep cool during these trying times. We were able to weather the storm and now have a product that does exactly what was expected and makes our company's logistics run smooth. I thank Jesse and his team for not giving up on us, as some of the situations that occurred were naive and really a big waste of time (and all my company's fault). Frankly, a few of the situations are so embarrassing that I have chosen not to describe them. Thanks Storehub.oi. Adam
    SOGA Organic
    SOGA Organic
    Thank you StoreHub and in particular Jonathan for your hard work and patience in getting our website transferred onto WordPress. it took a bit longer than planned, but you were always friendly and willing to help. Super service, well done.
    Cindy Toerien
    Cindy Toerien
    So far so good! Amazing service from Storehub.. moving from one service provider to them has been nothing but easy! Kyle is my go to and he has always only been helpful, patient and professional. Exceptional service all round :)
    N H
    N H
    Top notch, pro-active service. Well done
    Thurstan Naidoo
    Thurstan Naidoo
    Brilliant company to work with, and a very special shoutout to Jesse for all his hard work with our integration, we faced numerous challenges, but Jesse's willingness to assist, even if it was outside his comfort zone took on the challenge and made sure the end result we needed was actioned. Thank you Storehub and a special thank you to Jesse.
    YOBO Studio
    YOBO Studio
    You can't go wrong with Storehub. We've been with other similar platforms which have been tedious and difficult from day 1. With Storehub, everyone there simply understands systems, processes, requests and the communication is boss. If you're wondering if you want to use them... stop wondering and contact them! Everything works!
    Keith Conti Borda
    Keith Conti Borda
    Well done to the professionals at StoreHub for handling a custom integration with Sage 200 Evolution so smoothly. We're very impressed, It was such a pleasure working with you guys. Never had integrations done so easy and so quick ! Looking forward to further collaborations in the future. Thanks again !
    Matthew Buser
    Matthew Buser
    Was great working with Harriet from Storehub. She did a great job helping us with our SEO and Paid Advertising , which showed an increase in organic traffic and paid traffic to our website.
    Ferdinand Alester
    Ferdinand Alester
    The Storehub team is outstanding. The B2B store integrates seamlessly with our ERP system and offers all the functionality that one would come to expect.

    Both Retail & B2B Sage 200c eCommerce Integrations in The Middle East

    If you sell directly to the public, or you’re a wholesale operation in The Middle East, has solutions for both types of businesses that automate the movement of data between all your sales platforms.

    Fully automated retail integration means your WooCommerce or Shopify sales channels stay up to date, while your account customers who buy on credit can access their unique price via our B2B portal.

    All data required can integrate with Sage 200c seamlessly in The Middle East, saving you many hours per month in admin costs.





    Direct support

    Direct support offered telephonically. Have an issue or query that needs to be resolved? Simply call our friendly help desk and you'll speak to an operator without queueing

    Reliable software

    with over 15 years in ERP and integration software, 10 of those as an official Sage Accounting product, we've got experience building robust software applications.


    Stock, price and orders update multiple times a day as and when they change in your ERP system. Never sell an out of stock item again, or at the incorrect price.

    Sage 200c B2B Commerce FAQ’s in The Middle East/UAE

    If you’ve got any questions about the B2B Commerce platform, please book a consultation with us below, or alternatively we may have answered one of your questions in our FAQ section on the right.




    How does integrate with Sage 200c?

    Connect data source

    Link up Sage 200c with Sync Set-up

    Configure your account settings for data push and order raising in Sage 200c

    Connect sales channel

    Link up your B2B Wholesale channel and start syncing orders with Sage 200c



    The simplest, yet most powerful B2B Wholesale ordering platform for Sage 200c available in The Middle East/UAE.