Integrate Marketplace With Sage 200

Can I Integrate Marketplace With My Sage 200 Software?

Allow to send out product supply updates from Sage 200 to the marketplace. And also if you are doing exclusively preparation orders, you can automate the raising of Takealot orders straight right into your accounting software application.

Right here’s exactly how we can assist you streamline your Sage 200 to the marketplace integration.

Sync stock information between Sage 200 & marketplace

Near live syncing between marketplace and Sage 200
The software will constantly checks your Sage 200 database for changes in inventory info as well as sends out these updates to marketplace. So if your pricing or supply degrees are adjusted on Sage 200, it will not be long prior to these adjustments being synced through to marketplace.

Select the data to sync between Sage 200 and marketplace

Instantly develop and also update offers versus products that exist in Takealot’s catalogue. When linked via Sage 200 to the marketplace integration, can update the complying with areas:

  • Deal cost
  • Recommended retail price
  • Supply schedule (for lead time orders).
  • Lead time (the number of days it will take to deliver the product to Takealot).
  • Run multiple online stores from one intelligence Retail data source.
  • When you’re using Sage 200 to the marketplace integration with as well as are syncing product updates to Takealot, opening data feeds to other eCommerce channels is reasonably easy. You might then run several online sales networks from one Sage 200 data source.

Designate a catalog to be used between Sage 200 and marketplace
You make a decision which catalog on Sage 200 is synced to the offer rate as well as recommended market price fields on marketplace.

Sync supply from one or multiple storage facilities on Sage 200 to marketplace
You can pick which storehouses (or combination of stockrooms) on Sage 200 updates your supply amounts on Takealot Marketplace.

Error management
If an update falls short to process to, a mistake will certainly appear in your console as well as you will be sent an email notification. The error will offer an indication of what created the upgrade failure, and as soon as you have actually rectified the concern, you can reset the update to try once more.

Raise orders from to Sage 200

Sync your orders to Sage 200 as a sales order.

Select your document type for your Sage 200 orders
You can pick whether the order record developed in Sage 200 will be a quote, sales order or invoice.

Custom-made notices
Appoint administrators in your organization to receive alerts at various phases of the syncing procedure. You can also notify specific managers of specific sync activity, eg the sales manager can receive notifications of effective orders and also the IT manager can be notified of unsuccessful orders from marketplace to Sage 200.

Establish your debtors account
Produce a default customer account on Sage 200 right into which all marketplace orders will certainly sync. This will certainly avoid you from having loads of consumer accounts on your audit software application needlessly.

Mistake management
If an order stops working to refine to Sage 200, an error will certainly show up in your console as well as you will certainly be sent an email notification. The error will certainly offer an indicator of what created the failing, and also when you have actually rectified the issue, you can reset the order to attempt again.

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