Critical Use Cases of IQ Retail eCommerce Integration -

Critical Use Cases of IQ Retail eCommerce Integration

Critical Use Cases of IQ Retail eCommerce Integration, What complies with are substantial data entities that every tester must examine prior to the launch of integration services. For better understanding, each vertical is described with a situation. The best aim of a tester need to be to ensure that every item of details from the eCommerce site is upgraded properly in the IQ Retail.

Order Management

When the customer places an order from the eCommerce site, the order syncs automatically with the ERP system. The order information then gets displayed in IQ Retail. Testers should verify:

  • Order Number
  • Customer Information
  • Product Information
  • Quantity
  • Shipping method
  • Tax Calculation
  • Coupon code (if applicable)
  • Invoice information
  • Payment method
  • Decrease/increase in the inventory with respect to the quantity that the customer purchased/canceled.

Customer Information

When a brand-new consumer signs up in the eCommerce site, the client details is recorded by IQ Retail and also maintained as customer documents. Additionally, when the consumer updates his/her individual info, the data needs to be caught in IQ Retail as well. Testers must confirm the following:

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Email
  • Billing and Shipping Address
  • Verify the other custom information like (if applicable)
  • Apply for credit
  • Apply for Tax Exemption
  • PO# required
  • This information should be synchronized with the customer information.

Inventory Management

When the item quantity is upgraded, the information requires to be caught in the Stock Management. Testers should explore these factors:

  • Product quantity and product information should be updated after the synchronization of every inventory data on the website from IQ Retail.
  • Out-of-stock products status should be changed to In Stock when the product quantity gets updated in IQ Retail depending on the availability of the product in the warehouse.
  • When the customer cancels/returns the purchased products, then the product quantity should be updated.
  • When the product status is updated to In Stock then the customers should get a notification email, should they be subscribed for notifications.

Product Management

When the item details is upgraded, the details requires to be recorded in the Product Management. Testers require to verify the following:

  • The basic information, pricing, and category should be updated in real-time.
  • When a new category is created/deleted, it should be updated/deleted on the website as well.

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