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eCommerce & IQ Retail Integration: What is it and why does it matter for B2B -

eCommerce & IQ Retail Integration: What is it and why does it matter for B2B

eCommerce integration is the coordination in between a firm’s eCommerce website as well as back-end audit and inventory (ERP) system like IQ Retail. Correct integration makes it possible for the circulation of information bidirectionally between the two systems implying information only requires to be participated in the system as soon as.

This article tells you everything you need to know:

What Are the Benefits of eCommerce Integration for a Company that Sells Business-to-Business?

Firstly, it leads to numerous substantial performances.

Main amongst those is that supply degrees will instantly update in 2 places:

  • At the back-end as the item is sold on your website (making life better for your in-house teams), and
  • At the front-end as the product obtains added to your inventory (making life much better for your clients!).

While lots of eCommerce companies presently have one-way integration or batch updates, true eCommerce integration is achieved by two-way, real-time flow of data, such as that supplied by Aphix’s eCommerce and mobile applications cloud platform.

Why Should My Business Integrate?

Lots of businesses choose to fully integrate both systems as it implies stock and pricing info is offered to clients and staff in real-time.

Secondly, as well as really significantly, as demand boosts the requirement for additional team to take care of transactions is reduced.

Integrating your eCommerce sales channels with IQ Retail allows you to operate a lot more successfully as a company in numerous vital methods.

Your major sorts of data– order, supply, item, consumer and shipping/tracking– are interacted between your as soon as independent systems.

What are the Drawbacks of Manual Processes?

When your eCommerce and other electronic purchasing processes are not automated, errors are commonplace.

  • Delivering addresses can be entered incorrect
  • Inaccurate inventory degrees can cause overselling
  • Item information could be insufficient, wrong, or even missing out on
  • Inevitably, when two-way integration is not in place, your whole end-to-end client experience is at risk

Are you going to take the threat?

What Are the Obstacles to B2B eCommerce Integration?

The requirement for companies to integrate IQ Retail with eCommerce is typically forgotten as a result of cost or the business disturbance triggered by having to alter existing systems.

Okay, so it’s not a minor task.

We know that.

But we also know, after doing this hundreds of times for B2B customers in dozens of different industry sectors all over the world, that the cost quickly becomes worthwhile when you see the benefits.

Those benefits of eCommerce integration with IQ Retail to (a) your consumer’s total experience as well as (b) your procedures are both immediate and long-lasting.

So What Are My Options?’s real-time eCommerce integration products immediately sync information between your systems. This eliminates your requirement to manually enter information from one system to one more. While a typical internet store can operate without integration to IQ Retail, organizations need to attend to the quantity of team time that is wasted on laborious tasks that, when gotten rid of, conserve significant time and money.

Our evaluation has actually found that turning out the cloud solution can make the whole getting process approximately 25 times a lot more efficient!

As well as it’s more than just rate!

That brings about a virtuous circle where every part of your service wins.

There is better client satisfaction, which leads to boosted client loyalty, complied with by raised order dimension and more time for your staff to invest in right stuff that truly matters instead of hand-operated information processing as well as access.

Manual data entrance, upgrading item information and afterwards submitting to your web-store is a significant problem dealt with by lots of organizations.

Counting on annihilating inventory throughout your systems by hand, or otherwise being able to do it all, can trigger you to oversell.

What to expect with ERP Integration

If you intend to succeed online as well as stay on top of increased need for electronic purchasing capability, your eCommerce technique should include integration to your IQ Retail, account and supply software application. provides the complexity to allow IQ Retail integration, which consequently permits you to conveniently account for brand-new orders and satisfy them, no matter when or where the sale is made.

This solution likewise allows you to supply consumers with accessibility to their real-time account details, promoting further efficiencies via consumer self-service.

The clients can access their accounts online 24/7 which additionally means they can see their account details without calling you straight. Information on their order history, their invoices, real time price and the live supply offered to them can all be examined online.

When you incorporate, you’ll delight in numerous benefits like those listed below.

Summary: 6 Big Benefits of eCommerce IQ Retail Integration

  • Reduce hand-operated access to save time and also increase result while lowering mistakes, when getting in order, stock, product, consumer and also shipping information.
  • Simplify inventory synchronization, track updates, as well as offer exact supply levels to customers, without hiring staff to handle these tasks.
  • Automatic notifications for customers when orders have been delivered and enable them to track the delivery of products.
  • Simplify just how you handle cost and product modifications to stock.
  • The versatility to include several online (web-stores and also markets) and also offline (brick & mortar) sales channels, without shedding functional performance.
  • Take care of increased demand in on-line orders without the requirement to add added sources to provide for it!

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