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Link Sage Business Cloud With Takealot Marketplace

Can I Link Sage Business Cloud With Takealot Marketplace?

There’s no much better time to take advantage of the reach of Takealot’s industry. So, click below to start making use of’s Sage Business Cloud Marketplace integration platform now.

Why sell on the Takealot Marketplace with Sage Business Cloud integration?

Takealot is the biggest eCommerce site in South Africa and every month 10 million people check out to see what products get on deal. In 2019 Kim Reid the chief executive officer of Takealot introduced that Takealot had produced R5 billion in revenue for the previous year which within the next 5 years they got on target to produce R20 billion per year. Enter Sage Business Cloud Marketplace integration

What makes Takealot one-of-a-kind among retailers in South Africa is that they offer a market. Where standard stores will only purchase from a select few distributors, Takealot permits anybody that is accepted to checklist products on their e-commerce store, where they can be acquired by the millions of people that see Takealot monthly. Add Sage Business Cloud Marketplace integration to the mix and the possibilities are endless.

To place this possibility right into viewpoint, in 2019 36% of Takealot’s R5 billion was created by Sellers on its market. In 5 years when Takealot surpasses R20 billion in annual earnings, it is approximated that 60% of sales will be created from sales on the Takealot Marketplace, suggesting that there is R3 billion chance for Industry Sellers.

Sage Business Cloud Takealot Marketplace Seller Website Registration

Before you can sell your items on the Takealot Market you’ll need to sign up as a a Takealot Marketplace Vendor. Takealot will certainly ask you to fill out details about your business and the series of items you want to sell on the Market. After you have actually sent the application you can anticipate Takealot to return to you within 10 functioning days. Once this is completed, you can setup your Sage Business Cloud Marketplace integration.

Takealot no longer requires that vendors have a registered business and an existing range of products in order to be approved. Since February 2020, you can put on market as a specific and all you’ll require to be accepted is your South African ID number as well as a bank account.

Getting Started Selling on your Sage Business Cloud Takealot Setup

Once your Vendor Account has actually been approved by Takealot you’ll be admitted to the Takealot Seller Site This is where you manage and also supervise whatever happening with your Takealot Marketplace Company. The Seller Website reveals your orders, supplies tools for integrating Sage Business Cloud with Takealot Marketplace and for you to create new items as well as export reports so you can comprehend how your business is executing.

Adding Products to the Takealot Seller Portal

With a couple of exemptions, you can market nearly any type of item on the Takealot Industry. Prior to you can begin selling your product on the Takealot Market, you require to make certain that the product you wish to market belongs to Takealot’s Item Catalogue. Alternatively, with a Sage Business Cloud Marketplace integration, you can choose to pull products directly from Sage.

Takealot has a brochure of numerous products. These item listing pages, together with pictures and product summaries as well as specifications, have been produced by the Takealot Internal Catalogue group as well as by various other vendors submitting product info.

Within the Takealot Vendor Portal, you can browse this brochure by barcode or item title to see if your product already exists in the catalogue. If your product is branded and commonly located in retailers throughout South Africa there is a high possibility the product will already exist in the Takealot item catalogue.

If you have a variety of own-brand items that you make or import, it is not likely that the product will certainly currently exist in the Takealot Item Brochure. In order to offer your product on Takealot, you will certainly need to assemble the item info, along with summaries as well as pictures and submit it to Takealot in order for the product listing to be produced.

Producing a brand-new item listing for the Takealot Brochure can be a taxing as well as aggravating process. Using’s Sage Business Cloud Marketplace integration, you can choose to pull products directly from Sage, merchandise them in Storehub and push that information to Takealot. Presently, all brand-new items need to be sent using an Excel spread sheet which is referred to as a loadsheet. This loadsheet is submitted from within the Seller Website and after that manually reviewed by the Takealot catalogue group to guarantee it adapts the Catalogue Item Info Policy & Demands. As soon as a product is sent, the authorization process can take anywhere between 1 and 14 days. If your listing does not conform to the exact needs it will be turned down. You’ll then be needed to deal with the errors and start the entry procedure all over again. Do not anguish however– this is an useful experience that makes points a great deal much easier when the time concerns include even more items.

Once you have successfully added products to the Takealot Seller Website, it’s time to sit back and wait – you get on your means to making your initial sale.

Contact for more information on Sage Business Cloud Marketplace integration.

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