Takealot.com seller marketplace Sage 200 integration

Takealot.com Seller Marketplace Integration With Sage 200

Here we look at exactly how integrating the Takealot.com sellers marketplace with Sage 200 software application can automate the entire sales cycle utilizing Storehub.io.

So… How does Takealot.com’s Seller marketplace Integration With Sage 200 Work?

Thing providers are generally delighted to make use of Takealot.com’s market offering, where you can note your very own products on their system as well as similarly utilize the big amount of client internet web site web traffic to elevate your sales, all for a little expense.

We check out the points listed below in more deepness in this post:

What makes Sage 200 Takealot.com seller marketplace integration so vital in SA?
Just how does Takealot.com integration with Sage 200 address the 3 strikes and you’re out concern?
Can I run a Takealot.com integration with Sage 200 as well as likewise my own ecommerce store?

Running a net market account like Takealot.com requires a large amount of hands-on application to guarantee supply, price as well as furthermore product retailing details keeps up to day. Any kind of sort of failure to keep this will definitely leave you with pricey refund/return treatments, as well as additionally similarly decreased your Takealot.com market provider rating significantly.

You furthermore do not mean to spend essential time that could be invested elsewhere broadening your business, visiting to your Takealot.com sector control board to update supply or expense numerous times daily.

A Takealot.com sellers marketplace Sage 200 integration synchronizes all the essential information to as well as from your Takealot.com seller account that needs to customize routinely, like item price, supply, recap, images, lead times etc.

Just how does Takealot.com integration with Sage 200 fix the 3 strikes and you’re out problem?

Takealot.com has an exceptionally exhausting vendor strategy, and likewise operates a ‘3 strikes and also you’re out’ basis. This is to guarantee their customer service along with logistics are of the finest. So what does this imply?

If you have actually outlined an item as “given” on Takealot.com’s sector, none the much less a consumer has in fact just acquired your entire supply in-store, you’re unable to please any kind of sort of orders positioned on Takealot.com. Strike 1!

If your price is incorrect, you’ll be required to take in the expense on your account.

Can I run a Takealot.com sellers marketplace Sage 200 integration and also my very own ecommerce store?

We acquire asked “can I run both at the same time” and also similarly the short answer is “yes”. Including a Takealot.com sellers marketplace Sage 200 integration features by making use of the similar product retailing information throughout both sales networks.

This does not suggest you need to market all your products surviving your online shop on Takealot.com market also, as you can rapidly select which things you want to toggle as “energetic” or “non-active” per sales network with the Storehub.io control panel.

For each and every and every sales network, you can choose a pricelist to use, e.g “pricelist 3” is utilized for Takealot.com field adaptation, yet “pricelist 1” is made use of for my retail WooCommerce or Shopify store.

For orders to sync back from Takealot.com market and your on the net shop, we recommend creating 2X cash money consumer represent each, so orders placed on Takealot.com sector are enhanced versus “Takealot Sales” consumer along with furthermore your WooCommerce sales rise versus an “Online Sales” consumer account. This will certainly make reporting on sales really straightforward.

Do you require more information on Takealot.com sellers marketplace Sage 200 integration Utilizing Storehub.io?

We’re below to aid and supply aid where required on your Takealot.com market combination demands. Please contact our useful technological team at Storehub.io together with we’ll gladly assist you.

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